Track your stimulus check and check qualifications

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Millions of Americans have received their coronavirus stimulus checks, but millions are still trying to track their stimulus check and find out the qualifications since theirs hasn’t arrived yet. Here are several reasons your coronavirus stimulus check may not have arrived yet and what you can do about it.

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These are the qualifications

The qualifications to receive a coronavirus stimulus check are simple. The most basic requirement is adjusted gross income. Single U.S. residents who make more than $99,000 a year are not eligible to receive any payment. Single residents who make up to $75,000 will receive the full $1,200 payment, but the amount starts to decrease after that amount. All amounts are doubled for couples.

A head of household must earn less than $146,500 to receive a coronavirus stimulus check. To receive the full amount, they must earn no more than $112,500 a year. For children to be eligible to receive a $500 payment, they must be no older than 16 and be included on your tax return. The amount of the payment will be based on your 2019 federal tax return or 2018 return if you haven’t filed for 2019 yet.

Those who don’t file taxes may also be eligible to receive coronavirus stimulus checks. Those who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will automatically receive the payment, but the deadline is past for them to provide information on eligible dependents. Others who are under the limit for reporting taxes but don’t receive any government benefits can use the IRS’ tool for non-filers here to provide the information necessary to receive a coronavirus stimulus check.

The qualifications to receive a coronavirus stimulus check also include having a Social Security Number that makes them eligible to work. This means illegal immigrants will not be covered by the payments. Those who can be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return will not be eligible. This can include full-time college students or other adult dependents.

The IRS has published the full list of coronavirus stimulus check qualifications here.

How to track your coronavirus stimulus check

To track your coronavirus stimulus check, you can use the IRS’ tool here. The deadline to provide your banking information to receive your payment via direct deposit has already passed, but the tool will at least tell you when or if you are scheduled to receive a paper check or prepaid debit card with your funds.

The IRS is sending out paper checks and debit cards based on income, with the lowest earners receiving their payments earlier than those who make more money. If you try to track your coronavirus stimulus check and a date still isn’t available, it’s possible the IRS hasn’t gotten to your adjusted gross income bracket yet. It could take many more weeks before all the checks will be mailed out.

If you are scheduled to receive a paper check, the U.S. Postal Service is also providing a free service to allow you to track your coronavirus stimulus payment through the mail. The service is called Informed Delivery, and it allows you to preview your mail before it arrives. It will send you a digital image of any envelopes that are on the way, including the one containing your coronavirus stimulus check or prepaid debit card.

If you’re trying to track your coronavirus stimulus payment and still having problems, it’s possible there was an issue with the banking information you provided for direct deposit. Issues can occur if your bank has trouble processing the deposit or if you use a service to file your taxes and they used a temporary bank account to receive your tax return. If there was a problem with the payment, then the money will be sent back, but that just increases the amount of time it will take for you to receive your payment.

The IRS has finally set up a phone number for those who are having trouble tracking their coronavirus stimulus check or have other questions about it. The number is 1-800-919-9835.

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