June 9 COVID-19 Test Results: Disappointing Local News

First some local news (Orange County, CA) from CBS: Orange County Health Officer Nichole Quick Resigns After Facing Threats For Issuing Face Mask Order

And here is some local data. New record COVID-19 patients in the ICU (now about 20% of ICU beds are being used for COVID patients. Still needs some beds of other patients) and record number of COVID patients hospitalized in Orange County.

COVID-19 Hospitalizations and ICUThis graph is from OC Health Department.  This shows the number of hospitalizations and COVID-19 patients in the ICU.

The trend is not our friend.

This is very sad news too about Dr. Quick – the modern day anti-mask league is trying to hurt everyone.

Note: I started posting this graph when the US was doing a few thousand tests per day. Clearly the US was way under testing early in the pandemic. I’ll continue posting this graph daily at least until the percent positive is continuously under 3% and the daily positive is significantly lower than today.

The US is now usually conducting over 400,000 tests per day, and that might be enough to allow test-and-trace in some areas. Based on the experience of other countries, the percent positive needs to be well under 5% to really push down new infections, so the US still needs to increase the number of tests per day significantly.

According to Dr. Jha of Harvard’s Global Health Institute, the US might need more than 900,000 tests per day .

There were 432,880 test results reported over the last 24 hours.

COVID-19 Tests per Day Click on graph for larger image.

This data is from the COVID Tracking Project.

The percent positive over the last 24 hours was 4.2% (red line).

For the status of contact tracing by state, check out testandtrace.com.