DP TV: Indicators Confirm New All-Time Highs

In this episode of DecisionPoint, Carl and Erin review the surge to new all-time highs and reveal the indicators that are confirming this breakout. There are a few problem indicators, but in general the market is looking healthy. Hear their outlook for the SPY moving forward. Erin highlights Semiconductors and discusses possible issues with the Renewable Energy ETF (TAN). She finishes with her “Diamond of the Week”!

This video was originally recorded on April 5th, 2021. Click anywhere on the DecisionPoint logo above to view on our dedicated show page, or click this link to watch on YouTube. You can also watch this episode and other past episodes on the new StockCharts on demand video service, StockChartsTV.com. Registration is free!

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Erin also discussed how the DecisionPoint Swenlin Trading Oscillators are confirming this breakout to new all-time highs in the April 5th edition of Your Daily Five. Oil is slumping and Gold is misbehaving.

Erin will also be guest hosting the Tuesday, April 6th episode edition of David Keller’s The Final Bar at 6pm ET on StockCharts TV.