Day Trader Makes Nearly $300K In One Day As The Market Crashes {VIDEO}

One of my top millionaire students, Mark Croock, recently made more than most people make in a year — in one trade! There are so many lessons to take from this, and not necessarily the lessons you think!

Speed up your learning curve with our decades of experience — watch the video below to discover…

  • How Mark turned around a bad year to come back and make his big winning trade…
  • The full thought idea and thesis behind Mark’s trade and why it worked.
  • How Mark profits while the markets go down.
  • Mark’s top lessons for new traders…
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Don’t miss all that and more in the video below:

YouTube Video

Mark is just one of the over 20+ millionaire students that have gone through my Trading Challenge. He labeled and categorized all my video lessons. And he watched them all three times! 

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