Why won’t coronavirus stimulus checks be more than $1,200?

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The next coronavirus stimulus package is already being negotiated, and most likely, we would have the final bill by next week. What is confirmed for now is that stimulus checks will be part of the package. The amount for the stimulus checks is also almost confirmed to be $1,200, but President Donald Trump on Wednesday fueled speculation that it could be more. However, it is unlikely that the next coronavirus stimulus checks would be more than $1,200.

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Coronavirus stimulus checks more than $1,200?

In an interview on Wednesday, Trump said that he wants the coronavirus stimulus checks to be more than $1,200. “We’re going to see it may go higher than that actually,” Trump said.

However, this may not be true, and there are a couple of reasons for that.

The Senate Republicans introduced their version of the stimulus package, the HEALS Act, on Monday. Democrats already released their version in mid-May, called the HEROES Act. Currently, negotiations are underway to arrive at a consensus.

There are several sticking points between the Republicans and Democrats when it comes to the final relief package. However, the size of stimulus checks is not one of them.

Democrats are more concerned about sending additional aid to the state and local governments, and a few more points, such as federal unemployment benefits, eviction moratorium, and more.

Why Democrats are not concerned about the stimulus check size is because the HEROES Act also proposes $1,200 in stimulus checks to individual filers. Similarly, the GOP’s HEALS Act promises $1,200 stimulus checks to Americans. The difference between the two proposals (on stimulus checks) is only on the amount proposed for dependents.

The HEROES Act proposes a payment of $1,200 to dependents, while the HEALS Act has a provision of $500.

Opposition within Republicans

Another reason why coronavirus stimulus checks would not be more than $1,200 is due to possible opposition from some Republicans. A recent report from CNN talked about divisions within Republicans over various points in the stimulus package. However, most complaints are related to the overall size of the stimulus package.

“I think we should be focused on reopening the economy not simply shoveling trillions of dollars out of Washington. I think this bill is the wrong approach,” Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, said about the stimulus package.

Such opposition means, if Senate Leader Mitch McConnell wants to get the bill passed, increasing the size of the stimulus checks may not be an option. This is because increasing the stimulus check size, would also raise the overall bill amount.

Thus, it is unlikely that the next coronavirus stimulus checks would be more than $1,200. However, it is possible that the final stimulus bill may indirectly raise the size of the check by widening the scope as to who may qualify for the payment.

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