When will House Price Growth Slow?

Today, in the Calculated Risk Real Estate Newsletter: When will House Price Growth Slow?

A brief excerpt:

Most analysts expect house price growth to slow sharply in coming months. For example, a few weeks ago, I wrote: What will Happen with House Prices?

However, the most recent Case-Shiller report showed house prices were up a record 20.6% year-over-year (YoY). This report was for March (a three-month average of January, February and March prices).

And, according to Zillow research, house prices will be up even more YoY in the April Case-Shiller National Index (to be released on June 28th. The Zillow forecast is for the YoY change for the Case-Shiller National index to be a record 20.8% in April.

Why are prices still up sharply year-over-year?

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