Update: Real Estate Agent Boom and Bust

Way back in 2005, I posted a graph of the Real Estate Agent Boom. Here is another update to the graph.

The graph shows the number of real estate licensees in California.

The number of agents peaked at the end of 2007 (housing activity peaked in 2005, and prices in 2006).

The number of salesperson’s licenses is off 26% from the peak, and is increasing again (up 11% from low). The number of salesperson’s licenses has increased to December 2004 levels.

Brokers’ licenses are off 14.7% from the peak and have fallen to November 2005 levels, and are still slowly declining.

California Real Estate Licensees Click on graph for larger image.

We are seeing a pickup in Real Estate licensees in California, although the number of Brokers is still slowly declining.

COVID-19 could lead to more people studying to get their license – and also more people quitting.  It is unclear.