Top Stocks to Watch Today: Thursday, June 3

Meme stocks are the top stocks to watch today. But they’re not the only opportunities in this market…

Hot biotechs, earnings winners, and recent runners with low floats all made the watchlist.

But I won’t chase any of them. I’m watching and waiting for my favorite pattern…

Your trading plan might be different. That’s OK. I want you to take my lessons and tailor them to suit you.

That’s what all my top students have done — they’ve become self-sufficient. They don’t trade exactly like me, and they don’t follow alerts.

These traders built their own strategies and processes step by step. And now they give back to the community and help new traders in my Challenge chat room.

That’s what I want for all my students. So study up and prepare now!

Here are the top 10 stocks to watch today … I’ll show you what’s on my radar and why.

10 Stocks to Watch for Thursday, June 3, 2021

Remember, this is a watchlist, not a ‘must trade’ list. I’m not always right, and I don’t trade everything I watch. That’s why you should never blindly follow or buy anyone’s stock picks — even mine.

But there’s always something you can learn.

Watch out for patterns that fit your strategy. Always have a trading plan for every trade. Here are some resources to help you get started:

If you’ve been following my blog and lessons, you know I love to trade low-priced stocks. (To learn more about trading penny stocks, get my FREE guide here.) 

The stocks on this list aren’t penny stocks. Even if I rarely trade higher-priced stocks, their movements can still affect stocks within my price range. So to me, they’re worth watching.

If you want to know which penny stocks I’m watching…

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Now, here are 10 top stocks to watch today…

Stocks to Watch Today #1: Tellurian Inc. (NASDAQ: TELL)

TELL is an oil and gas company. On May 27 the company announced a 10-year LNG sales and purchase agreement.

Company executive VP Tarek Souki said, “Our business model creates significant value for Tellurian; at today’s LNG prices, this agreement represents the equivalent of approximately $12 billion in revenue over the 10-year term of the agreement.”

Read the full press release here.

The stock has been running since the news announcement. Yesterday it made new 52-week highs. But I think it’s getting overextended. Traders can watch for a dip-buy opportunity into a big panic.


Stocks to Watch Today #2: BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. (NASDAQ: BCTX)

BCTX is a biotech company that develops potential immunotherapies for cancer. Yesterday the company provided a survival data update of breast cancer patients.

Read the full press release here.

BCTX was up over 150% yesterday morning. It has a low float of roughly six million shares — it’s volatile. It was halted multiple times as it spiked from the $6.30s to $9.

But the stock faded throughout the day and closed near its lows. Traders can watch for a morning panic dip-buy opportunity.


Stocks to Watch Today #3: PDS Biotechnology Corporation (NASDAQ: PDSB)

PDSB is another biotech company that develops cancer immunotherapies.

It returns to the watchlist for the fourth time. It’s holding near its highs after announcing that Julius Strauss, MD from the National Cancer Institute would present Phase 2 trial data at the upcoming American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference on June 7.

It has been climbing steadily since mid-May with only one red day. Traders can watch for a breakout and short squeeze if it gets over $12.50. Or watch for a big panic if it breaks down below $10.30.


Stocks to Watch Today #4: Medallia, Inc. (NYSE: MDLA)

MDLA is a tech company.

It announced first-quarter financial results on Tuesday. Yesterday, it announced that company representatives will present at upcoming conferences.

See the full schedule here.

Yesterday the stock had a huge gap up but faded. It has an ugly long-term chart. Traders can watch for a dip-buy opportunity into a big panic.


Stocks to Watch Today #5: Urban One, Inc. (NASDAQ: UONE)

UONE is a communications and broadcasting company with segments in cable, radio, and digital media.

Yesterday the company filed an SEC Form 4 that shows insider buying on May 27 and 28, then on June 1. The stock had a nice morning spike and breakout over $10.70. It made a high of $13.35.

It’s also getting a lot of attention on social media and Twitter. But I wouldn’t chase it. Traders can watch for a morning panic dip buy.


Stocks to Watch Today #6: InnSuites Hospitality Trust (NYSE: IHT)

IHT is in the real estate sector.

There’s no recent news on the company. But it’s a recent runner and has held up well since its run-up from the $2s to $9 in early May. Yesterday it broke out over $9 but it couldn’t hold its gains. Traders can watch for a panic dip buy.


Stocks to Watch Today #7: BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB)

BB is a tech company working to develop AI and machine learning for use in cybersecurity.

It’s running with the meme stock rally we’ve seen over the last week. Yesterday it had a huge gap up and afternoon spike as AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AMC) squeezed shorts.

It has a huge float of almost 500 million shares. So it needs a lot of volume to go higher. It’s another stock I wouldn’t chase. Traders can watch for a big panic and dip-buy opportunity.


Stocks to Watch Today #8: AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AMC)

I can’t mention meme stocks and not include AMC. It’s the entertainment company that owns and operates movie theatres.

Yesterday it had a massive short squeeze as it gapped up from $32 to $37.50, then broke out and squeezed to a high of $72.64.

You guessed it — it’s another stock I won’t chase. I’ll watch it for potential dip buys into big panics, ideally near the market open.


Stocks to Watch Today #9: La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company (NASDAQ: LJPC)

LJPC is a biotech.

There’s no recent news on the company, but SEC filings show insider buying between May 24–26 and again on May 27 and June 1. See the forms here, here, and here.

The stock has been uptrending since insiders started buying. Yesterday it had a multi-day breakout over $5. Traders can watch for it to potentially continue higher. But ideally, it will have a news catalyst and more volume.


Stocks to Watch Today #10: Express, Inc. (NYSE: EXPR)

EXPR is a consumer cyclical stock that offers men’s and women’s clothing.

It’s a lower-priced meme stock play. It’s volatile and has huge intraday price swings. Yesterday it had a multi-day breakout over $5.70.

It could continue higher. But the company will report earnings today. I won’t plan a trade until I see the market’s reaction to the earnings.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Stocks to Watch Today

What Are the Best Stocks to Trade as a Beginner?

My favorite stocks to trade are penny stocks. I think they’re a great way for beginners to learn the trading process with a small account.

Can You Get Rich Trading Stocks?

Don’t come into trading with a get-rich-quick mindset. Trading is a marathon, not a sprint. It can be a lucrative career but it takes years of hard work and dedication to learn the nuances of the market — which is what I teach.

How Much Money Do You Need To Start Trading Stocks?

Only start trading with money you can afford to lose. You can start small. In fact, I teach traders to focus on education first to learn the process, then slowly scale up over time.

Is Trading Stocks Risky?

All trading is risky. No trader is right 100% of the time. That’s why I keep my losses small by cutting losses quickly.

Conclusion About Top Stocks to Watch Today

Remember to only use this list of stocks to watch as a guide. Dig deeper into why these stocks are on my watchlist. Use all my trading resources to build your trading education.

I want you to become self-sufficient.

I’m just training wheels. And I’ve had the privilege of working with many top traders in my Trading Challenge. It’s a proud moment for me when they prove they don’t need me anymore. They take my lessons and strategies and make them their own.

If you want to get the same education as those top traders, apply for my Trading Challenge. I don’t accept everyone. Honestly, I don’t have time for anyone who only wants to be spoon-fed ‘hot’ stock picks.

I teach the trading process, mindset, strategies, and patterns to help my students find their own way in the markets. If that’s your goal as a trader, apply today.

What do you think about these top stocks to watch today? Do you see potential trades? Let me know in the comments … I’d love to hear from you!


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