Top Stocks to Watch Today: Friday, March 26

This market’s choppy and ugly — but I still have a full list of top stocks to watch today.

I hope you’re trading safely. I’ve been warning traders to protect their accounts for months now.

Sure, you have to take advantage of hot sectors and stocks when they’re running. But that doesn’t mean buy and hold. That gets you crushed along with all the other newbies who believe the BS.

I made over $13,000 on Wednesday when NFT stocks were running.* Yesterday I was lucky to make just over $2,500.* It was an ugly market and I played safe. This is what adapting looks like.

(*Please note: My results are far from typical. Individual results will vary. Most traders lose money. I have the benefit of years of hard work, dedication, and experience. Trading is inherently risky. Do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford to lose.)

And it’s how small gains add up over time. I don’t force trades when they aren’t there. I take what the market gives me.

Use this list to help you put together your own watchlist and focus on the best trades that match your strategies.

Here’s my list of the top 10 stocks to watch today…

10 Stocks to Watch for Friday, March 26, 2021

Remember, this is a watchlist, not a ‘must trade’ list. I’m not always right, and I don’t trade everything I watch. That’s why you should never blindly follow or buy anyone’s stock picks — even mine.

But there’s always something you can learn.

Watch out for patterns that fit your strategy. Always have a trading plan for every trade. Here are some resources to help you get started:

If you’ve been following my blog and lessons, you know I love to trade low-priced stocks. (To learn more about trading penny stocks, get my FREE guide here.) 

The stocks on this list aren’t penny stocks. Even if I rarely trade higher-priced stocks, their movements can still affect stocks within my price range. So to me, they’re worth watching.

If you want to know which penny stocks I’m watching…

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Now, here are 10 top stocks to watch today…

Stocks to Watch Today #1: ProQR Therapeutics N.V. (NASDAQ: PRQR)

PRQR is a biotech company that develops therapies for genetic disorders. On Wednesday, it announced positive data from its Phase 1/2 trial.

Yesterday the stock increased on high volume after a Citi analyst upgraded its price target to $33 per share.


Stocks to Watch Today #2: O-I Glass, Inc. (NYSE: OI)

O-I Glass manufactures glass containers for the food and beverage industry.

Yesterday the stock was trading higher after the company announced it will join the S&P SmallCap 600. The change is effective March 30.

The stock’s nearing the next resistance area of $14.50. Traders can watch for a breakout.


Stocks to Watch Today #3: F-star Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: FSTX)

FSTX is another biotech. It focuses on developing cancer therapies. Yesterday, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (NYSE: BMY) announced positive results from its Phase 2/3 trial. The results could positively impact the entire field of research.

Read the full report here.

FSTX is moving in sympathy to the news. It has a low float of fewer than 10 million shares. It could have volatile moves.


Stocks to Watch Today #4: ZK International Group Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: ZKIN)

ZKIN has been moving with other stocks entering the NFT space. Midday yesterday the company announced news about its subsidiary. It appointed a new CEO and announced it’s ready to launch its crypto trading platform.

Read the full press release here.

I traded it after the StocksToTrade Breaking News Chat alerted the news. I bought 3,000 shares at $10.97 and sold at $11.08. I made a profit of $330.*

Traders can watch the overall sector for direction.


Stocks to Watch Today #5: Cancer Genetics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CGIX)

CGIX is in the biotech sector. Yesterday it announced that shareholders approved the proposed merger with StemoniX, Inc.

Read the full press release here.

It’s another low float stock with roughly 10 million shares so watch for volatile moves.


Stocks to Watch Today #6: Vuzix Corporation (NASDAQ: VUZI)

Yesterday VUZI announced it received an order for $250,000 worth of its smart glasses. The company will begin shipping the order immediately.

President and CEO, Paul Travers said, “We continue to see an increasing number of end customers moving from proof of concept to full deployments with Vuzix industry leading M400 Smart Glasses. In this case they are deploying within the healthcare market vertical to support surgical training, patient care, virtual rounds and the likes.”

Read the full press release here.


Stocks to Watch Today #7: KBR, Inc. (NYSE: KBR)

Yesterday KBR hosted a virtual investor day. The stock broke out to new multi-year highs of $35.39.

KBR president and CEO Stuart Bradie said, “Following 2020, a year in which KBR significantly advanced its vision and long-term strategy, the company is well positioned in attractive and high-growth end markets of the future, centered around important priorities such as national security, climate change and digitalization.”

Read the full press release here.


Stocks to Watch Today #8: Upstart Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: UPST)

Yesterday UPST announced its new referral network that connects customers with banks that can meet their lending needs.

Read the full press release here.

Traders can watch for a further potential bounce to the upside.


Stocks to Watch Today #9: Rubius Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: RUBY)

RUBY is another biotech stock that ran yesterday. I don’t see any news on the company. But after its big run-up, it consolidated and held support around $23. Yesterday it had a big bounce.

Traders can watch for more potential short squeeze if the stock continues higher.


Stocks to Watch Today #10: Voyager Digital Ltd. (OTCQB: VYGVF)

VYGVFs company description on says, “Voyager Digital (Canada) Ltd. is a crypto-asset broker that provides retail and institutional investors with a turnkey solution to trade crypto assets.”

The stock spiked yesterday with no news. It could be a late sympathy move to the NFT stocks that were moving on Wednesday.


How I Find Stocks to Trade

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(*Please note: My results are far from typical. Individual results will vary. Most traders lose money. I have the benefit of years of hard work, dedication, and experience. Trading is inherently risky. Do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford to lose.)

Frequently Asked Questions About Stocks to Watch Today

What Are the Best Stocks to Trade as a Beginner?

My favorite stocks to trade are penny stocks. I think they’re a great way for beginners to learn the trading process with a small account.

Can You Get Rich Trading Stocks?

Don’t come into trading with a get-rich-quick mindset. Trading is a marathon, not a sprint. It can be a lucrative career but it takes years of hard work and dedication to learn the nuances of the market — which is what I teach.

How Much Money Do You Need To Start Trading Stocks?

Only start trading with money you can afford to lose. You can start small. In fact, I teach traders to focus on education first to learn the process, then slowly scale up over time.

Is Trading Stocks Risky?

All trading is risky. No trader is right 100% of the time. That’s why I keep my losses small by cutting losses quickly.

Conclusion About Top Stocks to Watch Today

Remember to only use this list of stocks to watch as a guide. Dig deeper into why these stocks are on my watchlist. Use all my trading resources to build your trading education.

I want you to become self-sufficient.

I’m just training wheels. And I’ve had the privilege of working with many top traders in my Trading Challenge. It’s a proud moment for me when they prove they don’t need me anymore. They take my lessons and strategies and make them their own.

If you want to get the same education as those top traders, apply for my Trading Challenge. I don’t accept everyone. Honestly, I don’t have time for anyone who only wants to be spoon-fed ‘hot’ stock picks.

I teach the trading process, mindset, strategies, and patterns to help my students find their own way in the markets. If that’s your goal as a trader, apply today.

What do you think about these top stocks to watch today? Do you see potential trades? Let me know in the comments … I’d love to hear from you! 

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