Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update: January 4, 2021

Penny stocks can move fast and be highly volatile. Thorough preparation is KEY to not being one of the 90% of traders who lose. To be successful, you need to make a list of stocks to watch — and potentially trade — every day.

How do you choose stocks for your watchlist? It all starts with looking for big percent gainers. Keep reading for more about how to create your own penny stock watchlist.

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News Moving the Penny Stocks on This List

All three major indexes are set to start the week up — carrying December’s momentum into 2021. Remember, roughly three quarters of stocks follow the overall markets.

Cryptocurrencies are hot. Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $33,407 over the weekend. Even though it fell today in premarket trading, it’s still trading 4 times higher than a year ago. Altcoins like Ether are hitting multi-year highs, too.

This insane market looks to stay that way … for now. Take advantage of the opportunities the market gives, whether it’s to study or trade.

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Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update: January 4, 2021

The lowest-priced stocks this week can run ridiculous percentages in a day. But they can also panic very fast. So don’t get too comfortable if you decide to trade them. For me, they’re potential dip buys into any big morning panics. Or, ideally, morning spikes with big volume and news.

The slightly higher-priced plays, like stock #1 of the three reviewed stocks, have proven they can run. But they need more volume and news before I’ll be interested in buying.

The higher-priced plays are worth watching for potential short squeezes. See reviewed stocks #2 and #3 as examples.

Let’s start with…

Top OTCMarkets Penny Stocks To Watch

Below is my OTC penny stocks list for the week starting January 4, 2021. Be sure to read everything so you understand the thought process that goes into my list.

Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update #1: Corporate Universe Inc. (OTCPK: COUV)

Corporate Universe describes itself as “a diversified company with a focus on emerging business development to create value for shareholders.” In other words, it’s a shell company.

COUV gained momentum in the middle of December when it announced the planned acquisition of EV battery tech company Carbon Ion.

When it didn’t look like the acquisition would complete by year end, COUV tanked more than 50%. Then the company released an acquisition update. Read: Ammunition for promoters to pump it on Twitter…

“The parties have been working diligently towards the close, which is now anticipated in mid-January, while originally slated before years end with the holidays and complexity of the transaction this timeline has proven to [be] challenging.”

The Corporate Universe CEO, Isaac H Sutton, also teased a future uplisting in the press release…

“We are moving the process forward for the closing as well I’ve identified and interviewed several PCAOB auditing firms and will be announcing one shortly, so the company can move towards getting fully audited and prepared for up listing.”

Read the full press release here.

Here’s the COUV one-year chart:

COUV ran 1540% in just under two weeks. I traded COUV twice on December 31. But it traded choppy and likely needs big volume with news to spike more.

Top Listed Penny Stocks to Watch

Here are my listed penny stocks to watch for the week of January 4, 2021. It includes a crypto sympathy play and a stock showing the dangers of short selling right now.

Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update #2: Bionano Genomics Inc. (NASDAQ: BNGO)

Bionano Genomics markets a genome analysis system and other medical diagnostics products. The company made my monthly watchlist, too.

BNGO started moving in December on this news. But the biggest part of the spike is a huge short squeeze. (It’s not an exact science, but I talk to a lot of traders.)

The company announced publication of a study on autism risk genes on January 4.

Bionano Genomics CEO Erik Holmlin commented:

“This publication shows the importance of genetic testing for ASD and neurodevelopmental disorders. […] Widespread adoption of genetic testing is important to patients and families because it creates a better understanding of ASD, but more importantly, informs families and patients about immediate health risks associated with ASD that could personalize treatment options and provide potentially life-saving information.”

Read the full press release here.

Check out the BNGO one-year chart:

BNGO hit a new 52-week high of $5.60 per share in premarket trading this morning. The stock trades choppy so it’s no gimme. I won’t chase but will keep watching for now.

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Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update #3: NXT-ID Inc. (NASDAQ: NXTD)

NXT-ID is a security tech company. It develops and markets solutions for payment, IoT and healthcare applications.

NXTD is a cryptocurrency sympathy play. Again, crypto plays have been super hot. Bitcoin hit an all-time high over the weekend. But in premarket trading Bitcoin dropped 13% before rallying. So be prepared for a rocky ride.

NXT-ID is also trying to maintain its Nasdaq listing. The company will hold a shareholder meeting to vote on a proposed reverse stock split on January 15.

A recent stockholder letter from the CEO said:

“If I have to report one disappointment, it is that we did not receive approval for the board to effect a reverse split of our common stock at our annual meeting of stockholders this year. Obtaining this authorization is critical to maintaining our listing on Nasdaq – something that benefits every single shareholder. We have set a date for a special meeting of stockholders in order to make one last effort to obtain the authority that we need to effect such split in order to maintain our Nasdaq listing. Needless to say, if circumstances make this authorization unnecessary between now and February 1, 2021, we will not hold the special meeting and will not seek such authorization.

“We are well capitalized as we enter 2021 and are excited about what’s in store. With two new products to market, new distribution channels, and some interesting strategic opportunities, I look forward to the challenges and rewards ahead. 2020 has certainly tested us all; but it has made our company that much stronger and that much more able to thrive in the New Year.”

Read the full stockholder letter filed with the SEC here.

Here’s the NXTD one-year chart:

NXTD hit a 52-week high of $2.12 per share on December 17. The stock has also traded above the $1 benchmark to maintain its Nasdaq listing for 10 days. Nasdaq requires between 10 and 20 days.

NXTD trades choppy. I won’t chase but I’ll watch it because cryptos have been so hot.

How to Create Your Own Penny Stock List

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Want to know how to create your own watchlist? To start, look for big percent gainers. For two decades, big percent gains have been my #1 criteria. After that, I look at trading volume and catalyst or reason behind the price action. Read “Stock Watchlist Guide: Tips & Examples to Develop Your Own” for details about the entire process.

How to Use the Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update

When you read the weekly penny stock list (and the monthly watchlist), don’t think of them as hot picks. Frankly, sometimes they’ll be duds. That’s why it’s called a watchlist. Welcome to penny stocks.

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Instead, try to figure out why I’ve put the stocks on my list. Study so you can help yourself become a self-sufficient trader. Only fools chase hot picks.

What do you think about this penny stocks list weekly update for 1-4-2021? Comment below, I love to hear from all my readers! 

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