Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update: December 28, 2020

Part of being a successful trader is creating a daily watchlist. But penny stocks can move fast and be highly volatile. This is why my weekly penny stocks list is more than just another watchlist. It’s a way to understand my thought process.

Many new traders feel overwhelmed at first. How do you choose stocks to watch? Start by looking for big percent gainers. Keep reading for more about how to create your own penny stock watchlist.


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News Moving the Penny Stocks on This List

President Trump signed the long-awaited stimulus deal over the weekend. The stock market is up on the news. Remember, three out of four stocks follow the overall market. So this news, combined with holiday trading, could make for a volatile week.

Bitcoin broke out over the $20,000 level on December 16 before consolidating for several days. It had another record breakout over the long holiday weekend, hitting an all-time high of $28,288. The entire crypto sector should be on fire this week.

Many of the low-priced spikers on this week’s list are pumps. As always, use StocksToTrade Breaking News to get news about the pumps in real time.

The top five stocks this week are multiday winners I’m watching for potential dip buys.

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Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update: December 28, 2020

This week’s list includes low-priced spikers, bitcoin plays, and multi-day runners. OTCs have been hot and 13 made this week’s list. Let’s get right to it…

Top OTCMarkets Penny Stocks To Watch

Below is my OTC penny stocks list for the week starting December 28, 2020. OTCs have been hot in December. Some of these stocks aren’t as volatile as the newer spikers. (See TSNP, DSGT, SHMP, and SFOR in the table below.) But they’re still worth watching, as any news/big volume could spike them again.

Pay attention to the promotional activities of stock #1 on this week’s penny stocks list.

Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update #1: Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd. (OTCQB: ALPP)


ALPP has been on my daily watchlists most of December. The stock started moving on news of a merger with drone maker Impossible Aerospace. The acquisition was completed on December 15.

The stock climbed from $1.26 to $3.15 last week. And December 24 wins the prize for geek squad promotion of the week. In a series of tweets, the company teased uplisting to the Nasdaq.

Starting with the letter N at 10:30 a.m. Eastern, the company tweeted every 30 minutes. Each tweet added one letter to spell NASDAQ just before the close. The company’s marketing firm then released this video talking about the uplisting.

You can’t make this stuff up. Remember, when the marketing is all about the stock, the stock is the product. For those of you who question the promotional activity…

The ‘financial publisher’ is called Proactive. This disclaimer appears on its YouTube channel here. (Emphasis mine.)

“Proactive is a publisher and receives compensation for publishing content on this account for and on behalf of its clients. The information we publish on this account is not investment advice or an offer, solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell products or securities.  No content published on this account is tailored to your specific needs.”

Here’s the ALPP 1-year chart:


ALPP was up 156% last week and closed near its 52-week high. I traded ALPP, and probably should’ve been long over the weekend. But I prefer buying the rumor and selling into strength.

I’m watching ALPP for any big panic to buy into, ideally near the market open.

Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update #2: American Battery Metals Corporation (OTCQB: ABML)

ABML is a lithium-ion battery recycling play. Volume picked up in late September during the big EV sector momentum. Note: The company is in the process of a name change to American Battery Technology Company (ABTC).

ABML ramped on December 15 news the company reached milestones on a battery recycling plant.

CEO Doug Cole said, “ABTC is making great strides to construct our pilot lithium-ion battery recycling facility in Fernley, Nevada as quickly as possible. We are grateful for Nevada’s support to do so.

“At full capacity, our pilot facility will recycle 20,000 metric tons of feedstock a year to recover critical and strategic materials needed to manufacture new EV and consumer electronic batteries – and to ensure these lithium-ion batteries do not end up in the landfill as waste.”

Read the full press release here.

Last week ABML spiked 196% in three days before a big morning panic on December 23. As so often happens, right when the stock was hitting new highs, the company announced an offering. You can see details in this S-1 filing.

Here’s the ABML 1-year chart:

ABML hit a 52-week high of $1.54 per share on December 23. I played the morning panic that day, but it managed to hold the key $1 level. I’m watching it closely. I’d love to see it crack $1 per share for some real panic.

Top Listed Penny Stocks to Watch

Here are my listed penny stocks to watch for the week of December 28, 2020. It includes multi-day winners and crypto plays. As always, I’m watching the multi-day runners for potential dip buys. In the crypto sector, focus on the biggest percent gainers.


Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update #3: AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. (NYSE: UAVS)

Drone delivery play UAVS makes the list again this week. To review: the stock went supernova in late April and early May. Drone delivery was hot based on a partnership between CVS and UPS.

The stock went supernova again during the shortened holiday week. On December 21, it broke out over the 52-week high set in May. There’s no big news after this Q3 earnings report from November.

UAVS is getting pumped bigtime on Twitter. Promoters have been spreading rumors of a partnership with Amazon for months. Last week, so-called proof appeared. The picture allegedly shows executives from the companies together at an Amazon event.

Remember, ride the hype but don’t believe the BS. Until there’s an actual press release showing an actual deal, it’s a guessing game. (Use the StocksToTrade social  media search tool to see how UAVS is getting pumped.)

Here’s the UAVS 1-year chart:

UAVS hit a 52-week high of $8.72 per share on December 23 but didn’t close strong. On December 24, the stock gapped down and continued to panic at the open.

I’m watching for a potential dip buy on any big panic, ideally right near the market open.

Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update #4: MicroVision, Inc. (NASDAQ: MVIS)

MVIS is part of the EV mania we’ve seen in the markets thanks to sector leader Tesla. The stock spiked in May on rumors of a relationship with Microsoft. Most recently, the news is focused on LiDAR for EV use…

According to CEO Sumit Sharma, “We expect that automotive industry standards will call for long-range automotive lidar products to detect a target with 10% reflectance at 200 meters, which would give a lidar sensor the ability to detect a piece of tire on the roadway at that range and enable a vehicle to maneuver away from such hazards at highway speed.

“I believe the MicroVision team is on track to have our first generation LRL sensor module achieve this goal in addition to having high resolution at full range”

Read the full press release here.

Check out the MVIS 1-year chart:


To put things in perspective, the stock was trading at 15 cents a share in March. It hit a 52-week high of $9.73 per share on December 22. Then it got slammed by Hindenburg Research in this series of tweets.

MVIS is in the high $6s in premarket trading. I’m watching for any big panic to buy into, ideally near the market open.

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Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update #5: Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: FRSX)


Foresight Autonomous Holdings develops advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Think 3D cameras on cars to help prevent accidents.

FRSX made my weekly list because it’s a multi-day runner in a hot sector. This morning the company priced a $26 million registered direct offering. I’ve kept it here to give you an idea of how an offering can affect a stock’s price.

Here’s the FRSX 1-year chart:


I was watching FRSX for a panic dip buy. But if a stock tanks on real news like an offering, that’s not the time for a dip buy. I’ll keep watching, but it’s not a trade for me without more news. Or if it proves it can keep going even after the offering.

How to Create Your Own Penny Stock List

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Want to know how to create your own watchlist? To start, look for big percent gainers. For two decades, big percent gains have been my #1 criteria. After that, I look at trading volume and catalyst or reason behind the price action. Read “Stock Watchlist Guide: Tips & Examples to Develop Your Own” for details about the entire process.

How to Use the Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update

When you read the weekly penny stock list (and the monthly watchlist), don’t think of them as hot picks. Frankly, sometimes they’ll be duds. That’s why it’s called a watchlist. Welcome to penny stocks.

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Instead, try to figure out why I’ve put the stocks on my list. Study so you can become a self-sufficient trader. Only fools chase hot picks.

What do you think about this penny stocks list weekly update for 12-14-2020? Comment below, I love to hear from all my readers! 

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