Timothy Sykes Sued for Stealing Trading Platform Technology

Pre-IPO Scams Timothy Sykes

The underdog, Scanz’s, recent lawsuit against popular penny stock trader Timothy Sykes, the news picked up quickly on Twitter including sharp reactions to Sykes’s recent charity donation and “software issue glitch”.

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Scanz Technologies Files Lawsuit Against Timothy Sykes

Long story short, Scanz Technologies, Inc filed the complaint on July 17, 2020, accusing Timothy Sykes of having illegally copied and monetized Scanz’s original trading platform called EquityFeed. Scanz is now seeking $10 million for damages plus punitive damages.

The complaint reads that Sykes created his copycat, StocksToTrade, in 2016, whereas Scanz had created their original trading platform nearly two decades ago and has been working hard to perfect it since. The interesting part is that Sykes’s first copycat version emerged shortly after Scanz terminated their White Label contract with Sykes in 2015. In the termination contract Sykes agreed to never copy the look, feel, assets and trade secrets of EquityFeed.

Yet, Day Trade Review states “First, there’s EquityFeed. It’s no secret that StocksToTrade was initially a white-labeled version of the EquityFeed platform.” https://daytradereview.com/stocks-to-trade-software-review/

Top Trade Reviews states that “The stock scanner bears resemblances to the filter builder in EquityFeed.” https://toptradereviews.com/stockstotrade-review

The complaint states that Sykes not only copied the look and feel of its products after termination of the agreement, but that he went even further and blatantly violated state and federal law in mimicking Scanz’ products and swaying the public with illegal product offerings.

Sykes’s sudden and fast rise to success has already raised suspicion across global and social media, questioning whether or not he is a scam artist.

Scanz is seeking justice for Sykes’s copycat damages and business-espionage, based on the complaint. Scanz is asking to seize Syke’s illegal platform and be awarded for the damages intentionally inflicted by Sykes.

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