This Makes 4 !

All week I’ve been highlighting the foreign markets breaking out to new 52-week highs. One of the biggest is the Chinese market pushing above 3587 to start 2021. A Country with 1.2 Billion people soaring to new multi-year hishs to start the year.

However, this chart improves when we move out a few years. This is a very significant level historically. If China can move significantly higher this year and leave this large zone behind, it is very bullish.That is what I am watching for in 2021 on this chart.

Korea has also soared to start the year. The index had broken out, but already added another 10% for the year.

To add another chart to the pile of higher highs to start the year we can add the Japanese Nikkei and Bombay Stock Exchange.

The bottom line is four continents are breaking out to new highs. While we can have a few wiggles, the breadth of the market and the global push all look to be helpful.