The Top Twenty Greatest Money Managers

Greatest Money Managers

The top 20 greatest money managers made $57.7 billion net of fees for their investors in 2020.

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Q4 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and more

Hedge fund managers have made net gains of $1,422 billion since inception, of which $606.6billion or 42.7% has been made by the top 20 managers.

Greatest Money Managers

Comments from Rick Sopher

Commenting on the data, Rick Sopher CEO of LCH said:

On The 2020 Results Of Hedge Funds:

“In navigating the especially volatile markets of 2020, talented individual managers with vision and flexibility performed better than programmed machines. Those managers able to differentiate between sector winners and losers made spectacular gains. Several managers playing directional macro themes also achieved exceptionally good results.”

“Overall, 2020 was a year when the best hedge fund managers generated substantial returns while limiting downside risk, which is exactly what they are meant to do. In that sense, 2020 was the year of the hedge fund.”

Greatest Money Managers

On The Top 20 Greatest Money Managers:

“Several managers in the top 20 recorded very strong gains in 2020, much of which generated from equities, especially if the manager was long growth equities such as in the technology sector, which benefitted not only from the acceleration of pre-existing business trends but also from the falling bond yields.”

Of The Stronger Performers In The Top 20:

“In 2020, the hedge fund managers who did best for their investors were, once again, managers such as Viking or Lone Pine who were positioned net long equities.”

(Note: these firms’ results include long only strategies alongside their hedged fund.)

“Other stand out performers in the top 20 were Millennium and Citadel, diversified firms with risk management and capital allocation strategies that generated significant returns for their investors in 2020.”

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