The Best Tool to Get Penny Stock Breaking News

It’s a crazy market out there right now … You need the best tool to find penny stock breaking news.

In just the past few months, we saw a huge market drop as the coronavirus pandemic started. Then we had a massive rebound as the Federal Reserve stepped in to stimulate the economy.

It’s been volatile, to say the least. And for many day traders, this volatility has been awesome. (Need help with all this volatility? Get my NO-COST “Volatility Survival Guide” here.)

I’ve made more profits trading in the past few months than I did in all of 2019.**

That’s partly due to the sheer number of trading setups right now. But it’s also because of an incredible new tool I’m using: the StocksToTrade Breaking News Chat.

This new chat feature helps me keep up with all the hottest, market-moving news stories popping out each day.

I use this tool every day. It’s been so useful to me that I now consider it an essential piece of my trading.

Let’s take a closer look…

How to Find Penny Stock Breaking News

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As active stock traders, we all want to spot the future biggest percent movers before the rest of the market.

The simplest way to locate stocks that are about to move 10%, 20%, 50% or more in price is by catching a news story as soon as it’s released … It’s all about that penny stock breaking news.

Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s actually one big problem…

There are so many stocks traded in the U.S. every day. And that means tons of news to filter through. That’s before you even figure out your trade entry and exit points.

But it’s not just that. Most news stories are almost useless. A lot of them are just fluff with almost no effect on stock prices. Just reading them can be a waste of your time…

So how do you find the news that matters? Especially when the penny stock niche is full of so many sketchy companies?

Imagine if you had a team stock market pros who could delve into all the breaking news stories for you. And imagine if they alerted you to the most exciting, actionable, and price-moving stories…

That’s exactly what the StocksToTrade Breaking News Chat Room does…

The StocksToTrade Breaking News Chat Room

The Breaking News Chat Room is run by two former Wall Street pros who have years of experience.

This team watches all day for penny stock breaking news. They stay on top of company-related news stories and search for the most promising news stories that have the potential to push a stock price up or down.

When they find something solid, they alert the chat room in real time.

So you can spend less time reading useless news stories. Instead, you can focus on the charts, your watchlists, and your trade plans. (Get my FREE watchlist here.)

It’s not a robotic news feed — it’s an active chat room. You can interact with the analysts, ask questions, and even discuss things with other StocksToTrade members.

Think how useful spotting the most promising news stories FAST every trading day can be … Now go get your 14-day trial of the Breaking News chat for just $17.

How Have I Been Using the Breaking News Chat?

I want you to understand that this chat is the best tool I use right now.

It’s the perfect tool to use in the super-volatile markets we’re experiencing right now. It’s helping me find new plays, come up with new trade ideas, and see where the market action is. It’s also helping me see where the action could be next.

Penny stock breaking news and this chat room are directly responsible for several of my recent trades…

Take my recent trade in Genius Brands International Inc (NASDAQ: GNUS)…

GNUS stock chart
GNUS chart: recent spike on news — courtesy of

Prior to being alerted to this ticker in chat, this stock was pretty dead. That was until the company issued a shareholder letter on May 13 … and the Breaking News Chat analysts picked up on it.

I dip bought the stock before it made a morning spike. I entered the trade and rode the awesome short squeeze for a quick $3,360.**

watchlist banner

(This market is INSANE … check out this post for more on how you can trade through the volatility and grow a small account.)

It wasn’t just me, either. Several of my students report profits from trading this stock … all thanks to StocksToTrade’s Breaking News Chat.

(**Results not typical or guaranteed. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. All financial investing and trading is inherently risky.)

Grab Your Access to the Breaking News Chat Room

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Right now, as day traders, we have one of the greatest markets of the past decade.

There are so many setups every day. They happen so fast it’s almost impossible to keep on top of all the opportunities … You gotta stay focused and be careful.

If you want to make the most of this amazing market, let the StocksToTrade Breaking News team help you keep up with the day’s hottest plays.

Sign up for access to the Breaking News chat room on the StocksToTrade platform by clicking here.

Not a StocksToTrade member yet? Now’s the perfect time to try the platform. For just $17, you’ll get a 14-day trial of both StocksToTrade and access to the Breaking News Chat Room. This tool is incredible. Don’t miss this opportunity.

(Full disclosure: I helped develop StocksToTrade and I’m a major investor. That said, it’s my dream stock-scanning tool. It’s designed to help save time in finding the best stocks that fit my patterns and strategy.)

How much time each day do you spend studying stock-related news? I know some of you are obsessed. Tell me in the comments below!

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