The Best Crypto Penny Stocks to Watch Now

Think bitcoin’s too expensive to trade? Then pay attention to these crypto penny stocks…

They could offer potential sympathy plays to the sector leader, bitcoin (BTC).

Even though it fell off a cliff recently, there are still opportunities. Because, just like penny stocks, this sector runs on news, hype, and Twitter pumps.

You never know when the next tweet could spark a run.

And unlike bitcoin that’s trading for tens of thousands of dollars, these low-priced stocks can offer opportunities to take advantage of the hype while trading with a small account.

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When crypto gets hot, that can mean hot crypto penny stocks. So prepare your watchlist in advance. I’ve started one for you here…

Top Crypto Penny Stocks to Watch

Keep in mind that some crypto penny stocks only run when big tokens like BTC make new highs or recover from a big price dip.

With that being said, many crypto penny stocks are currently in a consolidation phase.

That’s because bitcoin is also consolidating. And these stocks can sell off more aggressively than the actual cryptocurrencies. That’s because many buyers aren’t confident in holding penny stocks long term.

That’s smart — and the type of mentality comes with the territory. This is one of the reasons that I look for quick moves when I trade. I want to be in and out, minimizing my risk as much as possible.

If cryptocurrency keeps growing at this pace, these crypto stocks could give us great opportunities in the future.

Note that this list is only a watchlist. These are in no way a recommendation to buy or trade. Always do your own research. And only trade a stock if you have a plan and it fits your setup.

Crypto Penny Stock #1: Ebang International Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: EBON)

EBON is a Chinese tech company that manufactures bitcoin mining machines. Or so they claim…

Hindenburg Research released a report in April that claimed the company misused funds it raised from investors. And that the company hasn’t released a miner since 2019. Now there are multiple class-action lawsuits against the company.

It’s just another day in sketchy penny stocks. The stock still trades high volume relative to other crypto penny stocks. It’s currently trading near its all-time lows. But it could still offer trading opportunities if you swing for singles.


Crypto Penny Stock #2: SOS Limited (NYSE: SOS)

SOS mines for crypto and offers blockchain insurance. There’s no recent news on the company.

It’s another sketchy crypto stock being accused of misleading investors and misrepresenting “the nature of mining rigs it claimed to have purchased.” Read the claims here.

Despite the negative news, the stock had a big gap up on May 27. But, not surprisingly, it couldn’t hold its gains. It’s a former multi-day runner and it trades high volume. That makes it a good one to watch when any news is released or the sector gets momentum.


Crypto Penny Stock #3: Future FinTech Group Inc. (NASDAQ: FTFT)

FTFT is a Chinese tech company. It operates a blockchain e-commerce platform.

Recently the general manager of the company’s subsidiary attended a conference and committed to creating two new companies.

FTFT has also been busy acquiring other tech firms. In April it announced it signed a term sheet to purchase a company that operates a money transfer platform. It also acquired 60% of a supply chain management company and a majority stake in a crypto mining farm.

This stock didn’t run as well in the past as some others. But I’ll watch it breakout over $3.30, ideally with a catalyst and volume.


Crypto Penny Stock #4: DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (OTCQB: DMGGF)

DMGGF is a Canadian blockchain and cryptocurrency company.

The company CEO held a conference call yesterday after hours to review second-quarter financials and provide a business update.

I’ll watch for a reaction to the news before planning a trade. I’d like to see the stock breakout over $1 with more volume.


Crypto Penny Stock #5: Argo Blockchain plc (OTCQX: ARBKF)

ARBKF is a UK-based company with a subsidiary in Canada. It provides crypto mining services worldwide.

On May 13 it announced the acquisition of two data centers in Canada. And on May 14 it announced a partnership with the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA) to reduce the carbon footprint of the crypto industry.

The stock has made some good gains recently. I’ll watch it for more potential upside with high volume.


Crypto Penny Stock #6: Neptune Digital Assets Corp. (OTCPK: NPPTF)

NPPTF invests in bitcoin mining, blockchain technology, and tokens in Canada.

On May 26 it announced the expansion of its crypto mining operations through a partnership with another company.

“Neptune and Luxor will jointly work on hardware sourcing, mining machine hosting, and physical and virtual management of rigs, while utilizing Luxor’s proprietary mining pool technologies.”

Read the full press release here.

The stock was up over 10% following the news. But I’d like to see it get over 68 cents. Again, I want to see more volume.


Crypto Penny Stock #7: HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (OTCQX: HVBTF)

HVBTF is another Canadian crypto mining company. It mines and sells ethereum and bitcoin.

The latest news on the company was May 9 when it announced the sale of its Norwegian subsidiary. 

The stock held its gains from the February bitcoin madness pretty well. And it’s in a slight uptrend over the last week after bouncing off the $2 level. This one’s also a former multi-day runner. I’ll watch it for a morning spike with high volume and news. Or a dip-buy opportunity into a big panic.


Crypto Penny Stock #8: HUMBL, Inc. (OTCPK: HMBL)

HMBL is a tech company that offers an online marketplace and a financial services platform for digital asset investing.

On May 24 it announced the launch of an NFT gallery.

The stock went full supernova in February when it went from roughly $1.50 to over $7.50 in six days. Now it’s back to trading near its lows. But it has a potential multi-day breakout level set around $1.35. I’ll watch this one for a breakout with news and high volume.


Crypto Penny Stock #9: LM Funding America Inc. (NASDAQ: LMFA)

LMFA trades on the Nasdaq instead of the OTC markets, which can mean better liquidity.

That also means, to some extent, it could be more legit than OTC blockchain companies. But all that could be meaningless without sector momentum. I’d want to see Bitcoin make a big move before considering a trade.


Crypto Penny Stock #10: Digitrade Financial Corp. (OTCPK: DIGAF)

Normally I don’t like trading sub-penny stocks. But DIGAF has been a nice multi-day runner in the past. So I think it’s worth putting on the list.

Let’s see if it can go on another multi-day run.


See the Stocks I’m Watching

I want to help you as much as possible, which is why I offer a NO-COST watchlist.

Will you find crypto penny stocks on my list? That depends. I go where the hottest market action is.

Subscribe to my weekly watchlist to see what makes the cut. I round up my top watches every week and send them to you. Use these stocks to study the trading patterns, catalysts, and price action. Then build a trading plan of your own.

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Know that I’m not recommending you to trade the stocks on my watchlist. There’s no guarantee I’ll trade any of these stocks. I’m simply WATCHING them for potential future setups.

Never blindly follow alerts or hot picks. Ever. Do your own research. Your goal is to eventually become confident in your own trading plan.


When you’re looking for hot crypto penny stocks, keep in mind…

These stocks tend to move together on sector momentum. Don’t jump into these stocks before the markets give you a reason.

And keep your goals reasonable. Don’t go swinging for the fences. Aim for singles.

Watch for major news in the cryptocurrency industry. These stocks probably won’t run without a catalyst.

Learn to be patient and wait for your best setups to come to you. That’s what I teach in my Trading Challenge. If you want to become a self-sufficient trader, consider applying today.

What’s your take on crypto penny stocks? I’d love to read about it in the comments!


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