The Art Of Uncovering An Ideal Buy Point

Oftentimes, as an exceptionally strong stock continues to outperform the broader markets, it’s hard to not get excited and jump on board as the stock advances to new highs. Believe me, as an expert in capturing momentum stocks on their way to outperforming the broader markets, I’ve chased more than a few stocks on their way to greater heights.

The pain of losses due to a natural pullback in these fast moving stocks, has made me wiser about identifying a proper buy point.

Last week’s drop in leading Software stocks provided just this lesson as a selloff pushed many of the leadership names in this group sharply lower. While concerning, the good news is they found support at critical areas which in turn, was an ideal buy point.


Adobe Systems (ADBE) is a great example as last week’s pullback to its 21-day moving average was a perfect time to purchase this top performing stock. A quick look at its daily chart would confirm that historically, this key 21-day moving average acted as support from which the stock could spring higher.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the stock you’re considering to purchase is in an uptrend before viewing any pullback as a buying opportunity.

Adobe (ADBE) is one of a select group of leading Software stocks from my MEM Edge Report that I highlighted as being in a buy zone last week after pulling back to a key area of support.

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Mary Ellen McGonagle, MEM Investment Research