Ten best finance subreddits you should check out

SPACs Ten best finance subreddits you should check out

Reddit describes itself “The front page of the Internet.” It looks messy to a new user. But once you get familiar with the platform, you can customize your feed to get the latest and valuable insights, memes, and video clips on any topic of your choice including business and finance. The platform has dozens of amazing finance related subreddits with hundreds of thousands of followers. Here we take a look at the ten best finance related subreddits that are absolutely worth checking out.

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A subreddit is a community dedicated to a particular topic or idea. There are thousands of subreddits on almost every topic you can imagine. Many popular finance subreddits have become the go-to source of information and advice for millions of users.

The ten finance subreddits listed below have experienced professionals and eager community members sharing valuable information on credit cards, saving, investing, financial independence, cryptocurrencies, and other relevant topics.

10- r/realestateinvesting

Created right in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis, this subreddit is dedicated to real estate investing. It has more than 135,000 members. If you are interested in learning, sharing, and discussing all things real estate, r/realestateinvesting is where you’d want to be.

9- r/tax

The r/tax subreddit is Reddit’s home for tax geeks and tax players. It focuses on tax issues in the US and a few other countries. The subreddit was created more than a decade ago. It has about 94,000 followers, many of whom are tax professionals. It covers tax laws, tax returns, rebates, tax policy, and similar issues.

8-  r/wallstreetbets


7- r/CryptoCurrency

This subreddit dedicated to cryptocurrencies has 1.4 million followers! If you are curious about the emergence of digital currencies and its impact on the world, join r/CryptoCurrency. Whether you believe in the future of cryptocurrencies or not, it’s worth learning about the latest happenings in blockchain and crypto.

6- r/finance

This is your hub for all things related to financial news, economy, jobs, IPO filings, and stocks. Members also discuss corporate finance, valuation, financial modeling, and related topics. This subreddit has close to 400,000 followers.

5- r/creditcards

Credit cards can be rewarding or horrible, depending on the person you ask. There are a variety of credit cards with different rates, schemes, interest periods, etc. The r/creditcards subreddit is dedicated to everything credit cards. If you have any queries, the community members are there to answer.

4- r/financialindependence

The r/financialindependence subreddit has 773,000 members who are working towards financial independence or have achieved it. Members of the community advocate the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement, which means not having to work for money. The subreddit is full of valuable information and advice on earning, spending, and saving to become financially independent.

3- r/povertyfinance

r/povertyfinance is geared towards low-income people who are struggling financially. The subreddit is only a couple of year old, but has gained more than 341,000 followers. The community members share financial advice, frugality tips, personal stories, and general guidance to help others get their financial house in order. Most importantly, nobody is going to judge you for your financial situation.

2- r/personalfinance

With 14.2 million members, it is one of the most popular finance subreddits out there. It’s a good place for beginners as well as experts. The r/personalfinance has members discussing a wide range of financial issues such as budgeting, credit cards, retirement planning, investing, and more. Members also share relevant news articles to spark discussions.

1- r/Investing

r/investing covers everything related to investing. We are talking about index funds, ETFs, real estate, REITs, digital currencies, gold, and other assets. The subreddit has more than a million members bringing up interesting discussions about the stock market and other investing opportunities. A word of caution – you shouldn’t act on investing advice from Reddit or other online platforms. Do your own research or hire an advisor.

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