Stranger gives $10k to people waiting for coronavirus stimulus checks

coronavirus stimulus checks stranger

Yesterday we reported that Oregonians have a chance to get a one-time stimulus check of $500. However, a new report claims that some Oregonians waiting in line for the coronavirus stimulus checks got more than $500, thanks to a stranger.

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Stranger distributed $10,000 to Oregonians

A report from Koin noted that hundreds of Oregonians who waited in the long line at one of the credit unions to get $500 coronavirus stimulus checks, got a big surprise when they got more than what they expected.

The report said one stranger driving a Jaguar stopped outside an OnPoint credit union in Hillsboro on Thursday morning. One of the onlookers said the man looked irritated at first because he probably wanted to go to the ATM, but people waiting in the line blocked the way.

When Oregonians told the stranger that they were waiting for the coronavirus stimulus checks, the stranger seemed shocked.

“Really, you guys need help?” the man said, according to Kathryn Davidson, who was also waiting outside the OnPoint credit union. After this, the stranger did something that surprised those waiting outside the credit union.

“All of a sudden he breaks open a stack of $100 bills,” she said, according to “And he said distribute this down the line. He just said here take it and he didn’t ask for any thanks he just drove off.”

Davidson said the stranger would have distributed about $10,000 to those waiting for the coronavirus stimulus checks.

“He actually broke the band off of it so that means it was $10,000. At least $3,000 — maybe the whole $10,000 — was just distributed to everyone in line,” she said.

Davidson said there is no information on who the stranger was. The man didn’t identify himself as well, and drove away after giving the money.

Davidson said there were Black, White, Catholics, women in burkas and people from “every manner and walk of life” whom the stranger helped.

“All of us in line, we wanted to say thank you so much whoever you are, you’re a saint,” Davidson said.

Coronavirus stimulus checks for Oregonians

Oregon announced the one-time emergency relief payment program on Wednesday. The program would help about 70,000 Oregonians by giving them one-time coronavirus stimulus checks of $500.

This program uses funds from the CARES Act. Not everyone is eligible for this $500 benefit, rather there are a few requirements to qualify for the payment. One of the requirements is that the applicant should have been earning $4,000 a month or less before the start of coronavirus pandemic.

Those who believe they qualify for the one-time payment need to visit the state website, EmergencyChecks. The website will direct them to the nearest participating bank or credit union. Those unable to access the website need to call 211 to enquire about the Emergency Relief Check Program.

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