StockCharts TV’s The Pitch! – June Edition

Don’t miss a brand-new episode of StockCharts TV’s monthly series The Pitch, where we bring three top-of-the-line technical analysts and charting experts together to duke it out – respectfully, of course – in a debate regarding their picks for the five most compelling stocks in the current market environment. And with volatility rearing its ugly head once again this Thursday after weeks of mostly steady uptrend, this video couldn’t be coming at a better time.

Host Tom Bowley (of sits down with Greg Schnell, CMT (of, Mary Ellen McGonagle (of and Julius de Kempenaer (Creator of RRG, Director of RRG Research) as they each bring their five top stock ideas to the table and showcase the strategies they’ve used to select these promising trade targets. Dive into the action with these seasoned technical analysts as they reveal the themes they are tracking, names they are following, and the charts they are watching to find strength in a time of heightened volatility for markets. Plus, see how they respond when Tom brings our three experts together as a group for a lively Q&A session to close out the panel!

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