Sohn Hong Kong Conference: Eurizon Capital On India’s Rural Sector

Sean Debow

Sohn Hong Kong Investment Leaders Conference: Comments from Sean Debow, CEO and CIO of Eurizon Capital (HK)

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The Karen Leung Foundation, held the 8th Annual Sohn Hong Kong Investment Leaders Conference today; one of the most attended investment events in Asia. The Sohn Investment Leaders Conference provides a forum for professional investors to present market views or investment ideas to leading investors in the world.

Sean Debow, CEO and CIO of Eurizon Capital (HK) was one of the speakers at the event.  During his speech Mr. Debow said “Rural India Growth has been accelerating on the back of growing electric and internet connectivity, growing penetration of consumer goods, strong income growth within agriculture volume and pricing and meaningful Indian Government support. Following on this growth, rural consumers are pivoting to healthy products most notably with Ayurvedic products

Sean Debow added “The focus on health due to Covid-19 has been supportive of these changes and we believe it will demonstrate a meaningful acceleration in the coming months with increasing attention in home care, consumer health and personal wellness. Cleanliness and preventative health products have gained a priority in order to protect the families and communities of the Rural Consumer from the threat of the Covid-19 virus”.

Mr. Debow concluded “Considering these structural changes in the Rural Indian consumer, I believe that Indian consumer companies, particularly the ones with high exposure to natural and ayurvedic products, will see accelerated growth in their business in the coming months and years”.

Sean Debow was thankful to the organizers of the The Karen Leung Foundation Sohn Hong Kong Investment Leaders Conference and noted “in these unprecedented times”, more than ever, it is critical for leaders in the Investment Management industry to step forward and support the important work of the Karen Leung Foundation support the fight against gynaecological and pediatric cancers by promoting research, education, prevention and optimal treatment in Hong Kong.  Eurizon is proud to support and advance this important work.

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