Sitting on the Fence? Time for Tough Love

It’s time for some tough love. Especially for anyone sitting on the fence about me or what I teach. In today’s post, I’ll make it easy for you…

Every once in a while I get an email or a DM from someone saying, “Tim, I don’t know why I should pay to learn from you. Why does a millionaire need to charge to teach people to trade? And why are you sending me so many emails?”

Then they go on to say something like, “Maybe you’re only a millionaire because of the DVDs and courses you sell.”

That’s complete BS. First, I share all my trades on Every single one. I was a millionaire from trading before graduating from college. You’ll find details in my book “An American Hedge Fund.” (It’s free.)

Second, I donate 100% of my trading profits to charity. If I traded for myself (instead of prioritizing students) I could make even more. But I trade so students can learn how to grow a small account.

Finally … I have ZERO time for someone who’s having a mental battle about whether to be my student. You haven’t even gotten to the studying part and you’re already questioning me and my motives? You need some tough love.

This one’s for you…

Sitting on the Fence? Let Me Make It Easy

tim sykes laying on fence
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If this were a sales letter I’d try to get you to join one of my programs or buy one of my products. I’d take “I’m sitting on the fence” to mean you need convincing. I’m not gonna do that.

Let me make it easy for you with a dose of tough love…

Don’t do it. Get off the fence. I have ZERO time for unsure students.

It’s Not About the Money

When you join one of my programs or subscribe to one of my newsletters it’s an investment in YOU and in YOUR future. The money makes students take their studies more seriously. Once you’re financially invested, it’s “Oh, wow, I need to actually study to make this worthwhile…”

So when I send emails, write blog posts, and create free YouTube videos

tweet about blatant pumps, post on my Facebook page, and send out watchlists

… make trade commentary, send trade alerts, give webinars, and answer questions…

… host conferences, mentor students, and help develop software like StocksToTrade

I’m NOT pushing hard to get your money. I’m pushing hard to make you a good trader. And I’m…

Looking for the Most Dedicated Students

People have offered me far more to learn trading than the cost of any of my DVDs, alerts, or educational programs. I’ve had offers higher than the price of all my products combined, times two.

Why would I turn down that kind of cash?

Too many people think money is the most valuable asset. It’s not.

Time Is the Most Valuable Asset

My life is FULL. You won’t find anyone who works harder than me. From the moment I wake up until I fall asleep, I teach, work on charity, and work with my team to create killer content.

I don’t have time for BS. I don’t have time to hand-hold people who don’t have a burning desire to learn.

Here’s a little tough love…

If you’re unsure, have a bad attitude, or you’re disrespectful in the community … you’re out. If anyone reading this is unsure about what I teach and whether it’s valuable … don’t apply to my Trading Challenge. Don’t waste your time. Or mine.

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” — Bruce Lee

Get Real and Don’t Waste My Time

Don’t waste my team’s time. And don’t waste another second of my time. Sorry to be a dick. I gotta be real.

Some people say, “Tim, you’re so mean. If you were just nicer about everything you wouldn’t have lost this customer.”

Tough love time: Buh-bye. You don’t understand. You’re not customers to me … you’re students. There’s a big difference.

The Difference Between Customers and Students

tim sykes and students
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Let’s be very clear about this. My team works their butts off. If you’ve purchased something and you’re not satisfied, you can contact my team and they’ll take care of you. They’ll work with you as a customer.

But here’s the deal…

You pay me to teach you the strategies I used to get rich. You pay me to teach you everything I’ve learned in 20+ years.

My job is to teach you the best patterns I know. I’m here to teach you the truth about promoted penny stocks and the nuances of trading. I’ll burn into your brain the importance of cutting losses quickly. But I want to make one thing very clear…

Students Earn Success

If you go to college, you’re a customer when you set foot on campus. You’re a customer when you get lunch at the student union building or buy textbooks. When you pay for a parking space on campus you’re a customer. Even your tuition, on some level, makes you a customer.

But the second you walk into class, you’re NOT a customer. 

You’re a student.

Your professor doesn’t give a crap if you pay out-of-state tuition. She doesn’t care if you were the top student in high school. And she could care less if you had to work until 2 a.m. to earn enough money to pay for classes.

watchlist banner

You still have to show up to class and do the work to pass. You want an A? Study. Stop acting like an idiot. Your professors won’t give you an A just because. They’ll give you a little tough love and say, “Do better. Be better. EARN the A.”

With trading, it’s even more important. Every minute you don’t study means missed opportunity. Or worse, a decimated account because you weren’t prepared.

Think of me as a professor of harsh reality. Earn success like ALL my top students. Tough love didn’t hurt them, it helped.

My Students’ Success Helps YOU

When my students become successful it helps you in the long run. Yes, I love the testimonials and I want the most knowledgeable people. But the reason it helps you is because they help me teach. They give back to the community.

Here are a few examples…

Roland Wolf

Roland studied 17 hours per day for six months. Four years later he still prepares for five or six hours per day. Now he’s made over $1 million. (I have a BIG announcement coming soon about Roland. Stay tuned.)

Matt Monaco and the 30-Day Bootcamp

Matt has made over $250,000 and he’s now a Trading Challenge chat room moderator. It took him three years of studying and trading small to prepare for this hot market. Matt helped me create the recently released 30-Day Bootcamp.

(The 30-Day Bootcamp is getting rave reviews. Dedicated post coming soon. This guide is potentially life-changing.)

You want to get rich trading penny stocks? You better toss your bad attitude and start studying like Roland and Matt. (If you’re brand new, start with this free penny stock guide.)

Too Much Information

Tim Sykes studies constantly
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Some people ask, “Why am I getting so much information? Why are there so many emails?”

Everything I send you can increase your knowledge account. Whether it’s my 30-Day Bootcamp, “The Complete Penny Stock Course,” blog posts, or 6,000 plus video lessons

Information you receive from me helps build the foundation.

And yes, when students like Roland and Matt have success and help teach it’s even MORE information. But that gives YOU more choices for honing in on your strategy.

I can’t promise you’ll get rich. But I know that building your knowledge account is part of the equation.

Do me (and yourself) a favor: don’t apply for my Trading Challenge if you’re unsure. That’s the beauty of being real. But it’s also the reality of me needing to weed through BS, toxic, negative, and LAZY people who waste my time.

All the content I create and information I put out is useful. Remember, I’m being real in an industry full of fakes. So if you’re unsure, if you’re not dedicated, if you have issues with me sending information, then we’re not gonna get along. The tough love will be too much for you.

All that information is a way to…

Weed Out the Weak

My track record with students stands on its own. I don’t say that to brag but to get you to wake up. Because I just keep having more six- and seven-figure student successes. And now even an eight-figure student success in Tim Grittani. How is that possible?

Because I’ll do whatever it takes to weed through the entire world of lazy and disrespectful people. I’ll gladly pass on people who don’t get it to find those who are truly dedicated. And I’ll use tough love whenever necessary to get students motivated.

Let me make this 100% clear: not everyone gets accepted to my Trading Challenge.

Trading Challenge — It’s Not All Rainbows and Leprechauns

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Ready for another dose of tough love? There’s no pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. If you want to live in fantasyland … have fun. Enjoy. Go watch Netflix.

But if you want to get rich trading penny stocks, you better buckle down and study. Again, people offer me a lot of money to get in my Challenge. You don’t just get accepted — you have to have an interview with my team. Why is that?

If I’m so desperate for money, shouldn’t I just accept people who are willing to pay a lot? I’ve had people offer me tens of thousands (in one case six figures) to join my Challenge. But if they have the wrong attitude, it’s not worth my time. I’m not interested in that.

You pay, specifically, because it makes you more vested in your education. When you’re more vested, you become a better student.

Tough Love and Why I Teach

When I got started, I had to learn the hard way. And I admit I was a little bit lucky. My early days of trading came in a hot market. Not quite as hot as what we’ve seen the past 100 days, but close.

A lot of traders made a lot of money in those heady days. But when things shifted too many of them failed to adapt. Boom and bust. Too many uneducated newbie traders will do the same thing this time around.

My goal — my duty — is to be the mentor I never had. But here’s more tough love … I refuse to waste time on people who are disrespectful, sitting on the fence, or not willing to study. Period.

This video explains why I teach in more detail…

Why I Teach & the Three Most Important Lessons

I want to make it easier for students — so you don’t have to go through the same ups and downs I experienced. But no matter what, you have to remember…

Trading Is a Battlefield

This is a battle to beat the odds. Again, most traders lose. That’s the battle I’m fighting every day. So if you’re unsure … join the majority of traders who are confused and don’t want to invest their time or money on education.

When you change your mind, come back to me with a better attitude. You might think that’s funny, but I’ve been through this before.

In 2014, I tried to warn the potheads that their weed stocks were all pumps and that they’d crash. They all ignored me. Read the whole story here: “Buying High: How to Get Rich on Pot Stocks”

When the weed stocks all crashed, half of them came back to me, hat in hand…

“Sorry, I should have listened to you.”

My tough love is to protect you. It’s not a question of arrogance or me being disrespectful to ‘customers.’ It’s me being the best teacher I can be. Tough love is part of it. Stop sitting on the fence. Get off my fence. Buh-bye.

Tough Love for Dedicated Students

One more dose of tough love…

For those of you who are dedicated, thank you. But don’t expect me to be your friend. I’m not. If you want a friend, buy a dog.

I’m your drill sergeant preparing you for battle. It’s my duty to do everything I can to prepare you. Sometimes that means tough love. Sometimes that means me being harsh. You might think I’m a dick. So long as you study and follow my rules, you’ll thank me later.

Now go study.

What do you think of this post? I’m curious, even though it won’t change my tough love teaching style. Comment below, I love to hear from all my readers.

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