September 13th COVID-19: Data reported on Monday is always low, and will be revised up as data is received

The CDC is the source for all data.
According to the CDC, on Vaccinations.  Total doses administered: 380,241,903, as of a week ago 374,488,924.

COVID Metrics
  Today Week
Percent fully Vaccinated 53.8% 53.0% ≥70.0%1
Fully Vaccinated (millions) 178.7 176.0 ≥2321
New Cases per Day3 117,622 152,402 ≤5,0002
Hospitalized3 87,848 93,421 ≤3,0002
Deaths per Day3 1,077 1,213 ≤502
1 Minimum to achieve “herd immunity” (estimated between 70% and 85%).
2my goals to stop daily posts,
37 day average for Cases, Currently Hospitalized, and Deaths
🚩 Increasing 7 day average week-over-week for Cases, Hospitalized, and Deaths
✅ Goal met.

IMPORTANT: For “herd immunity” most experts believe we need 70% to 85% of the total population fully vaccinated (or already had COVID).  

KUDOS to the residents of the 11 states that have achieved 60% of total population fully vaccinated: Vermont at 68.6%, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland. New Jersey, Washington, New York, New Mexico, New Hampshire at 60.5%.
The following 15 states and D.C. have between 50% and 59.9% fully vaccinated: Oregon at 59.2%, District of Columbia, Virginia, Colorado, Minnesota, California, Hawaii, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, South Dakota, and Kentucky at 50.0%.
Next up (total population, fully vaccinated according to CDC) are Arizona at 49.7%, Kansas at 49.5%, Ohio at 49.2%, Nevada at 49.1%, Texas at 49.0%, Utah at 48.8% and Alaska at 48.3%.
COVID-19 Positive Tests per DayClick on graph for larger image.

This graph shows the daily (columns) and 7 day average (line) of positive tests reported.