Sector Spotlight: 8 Sectors at New Closing Highs

It is the last Tuesday of the month, and that means looking at seasonality!

In this edition of StockCharts TV’s Sector Spotlight, it’s time to go over some monthly charts! As usual, Julius brings two batches of monthly charts to the show: one for Asset Classes, one for US sectors. While going over the charts, including the recently completed bar for March, Julius signals a continuing strength for stocks over bonds, a potential long-term bottom in the making for commodities and further steepening of the yield curve. In sectors, things are still pointing to the bull market continuing in play. While going over the individual sectors, Julius finds that five sectors made a new high AND a new closing high as well. And three sectors, only, made a new closing high. This means that eight out of eleven sectors are continuing to exhibit bullish characteristics. There’s nothing bearish about that.

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#StaySafe, -Julius