Rydex Ratio Hits Historically Low Reading – Danger…

I believe it is time to revisit the Rydex Ratio sentiment chart. A few DecisionPoint.com subscribers have noticed how overbought it has become; I wrote about it in last week’s DP Weekly Wrap for subscribers of the DP Alert. Thursday night (1/14), after the latest asset counts were in, the Ratio finished with the lowest reading recorded, at 0.09. We invert the scale to arrange overbought readings on the top. A very low reading means participants are VERY bullish. Euphorically bullish investors lead to downside reversals.

On the chart below, we’ve annotated cardinal price tops. You’ll note that at these tops, the Rydex Ratio was always overbought.

The long-term chart shows you that, indeed, these are the lowest readings we’ve ever recorded for the Rydex Ratio.

But wait! There’s more! Tom McClellan wrote an article last night about the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) Exposure Index that is a must read. We had thought that this new reading was the highest exposure reading ever, but it turns out our 2017 data wasn’t quite right, so we did see a higher reading back then.

I still think seeing the second highest exposure reading is big news and goes hand in hand with what we are seeing on the Rydex Ratio. I’ve annotated cardinal market tops to give you perspective on how this sentiment works. Typically, right before major market tops, we see very high exposure readings. You will also note that, after the highest reading ever in 2017, it took a few weeks before the top was in. That could be the case right now, given the strong bullish bias in the market. I also annotated one of the lowest exposure readings ever and you’ll note that came right before the bear market bottom.

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