Reports Weekly Inventory Up 13% Year-over-year has monthly and weekly data on the existing home market. Here is their weekly report released yesterday from Chief Economist Danielle Hale: Weekly Housing Trends View — Data Week Ending June 4, 2022. Note: They have data on list prices, new listings and more, but this focus is on inventory.

Active inventory continued to grow, rising 13% above one year ago. The turnaround in the number of homes for sale continues and year over year growth signals that this is more than just a seasonal improvement. Inventory was roughly on par with last year’s levels at the beginning of May and is now up 13% at the beginning of June. Nevertheless, our May Housing Trends Report showed that the active listings count remained nearly 50 percent below its level at the beginning of the pandemic. In other words, we’re starting to add more options, but home shoppers continue to see a relatively low number of homes for sale.

Realtor YoY Active ListingsHere is a graph of the year-over-year change in inventory according to Note: I corrected a sign error in the data for Feb 26, 2022.

Note the rapid increase in the YoY change, from down 30% at the beginning of the year, to up 13% YoY now. It will be important to watch if that trend continues.