No deal yet, but you at least have these coronavirus stimulus checks memes

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Coronavirus has made the whole scenario grim with the U.S. still reporting 30,000 to 50,000 new, confirmed cases per day for the last two weeks. With each passing day, the financial woes of Americans are also increasing. And, what’s adding to their frustration is that lawmakers are still embroiled in the blame game over the coronavirus relief package. Amid such an uncertain and discouraging outlook, some people are still making the best of things. These people are sharing coronavirus stimulus checks memes on social media that will not only make you laugh, but will help you forgot your worries, at least for the moment.

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Stimulus package: the story so far

Congress approved the first stimulus package in March and the checks started going out the next month. At the time, not many would have imagined that the coronavirus pandemic would continue for months and they would need another relief package.

There have been talks of the next package since April. Democrats even approved their $3 trillion HEROES Act in mid-May. Since then the speculations started on what the next package would look like and when the negotiations would start.

The Senate Republicans finally sat down for negotiations after they introduced their proposal, called the HEALS Act, in late July. At the time, it was largely expected that both sides would reach a deal by the first week of August, and Americans would get the checks by September.

However, the negotiations collapsed, and the House and Senate left for recess. Since then, a few efforts have been made to resume talks, but they failed as well.

After the talks collapsed, President Donald Trump came up with executive orders on a few provisions, including unemployment benefit, evictions, student loan and payroll tax cuts. However, those orders did not include anything about the stimulus checks, adding further to the frustration of people.

The blame game that the lawmakers are playing isn’t helping either. Republicans are blaming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for standing in the way of the stimulus checks to Americans. Pelosi, on the other hand, says that the White House and Republicans don’t understand the gravity of the situation.

While all these things are happening, the unemployment numbers continue to remain at alarming levels.

Coronavirus stimulus checks memes

Many people then took to social media platforms to express their frustration and to show the lawmakers how much they need the stimulus checks and other benefits.

“this bill for a second stimulus check (among other things) has been in the senate since May and they havent started serious talks until this week, havent gotten anywhere, and start a month long recess today that they don’t plan to delay? Screw both sides, man. This country sucks,” one user tweeted.

Others have been trying to lighten things up a bit with some humor. Twitter and other social media platforms are filled with coronavirus stimulus checks memes. Some of the best coronavirus stimulus checks memes are shown below. Do share with us if you come across more funny tweets related to stimulus checks.

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