No coronavirus relief package yet: How to create your own check

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With no decision yet on the next coronavirus stimulus package, many are starting to worry about paying their bills amid the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of waiting for the coronavirus relief package, there are a few ways that can help you create your own check without working extra hours.

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Lower dependence on coronavirus relief package

Democrats and Republicans are still far apart on the next coronavirus relief package. With the Senate scheduled to go on a month-long recess starting August 8, the chances of an agreement look grim.

Even if there is a deal next week, it could take at least a couple of weeks before the IRS actually starts sending checks. Amid such uncertainty and rising coronavirus cases, it is better that you take matters into your own hands to create your own stimulus check.

There a few options that can help you earn some extra money without working extra hours. You can then use this money the same way you planned to use the stimulus check. Here are some options that could help you increase your earnings.

How to create your own stimulus check

Sell things you don’t need

Look around your home, and you will find plenty of items that you no longer need or want. It may be a piece of furniture, electronics item, CDs, games, movies, clothing, a mobile device or anything else. You can easily sell those things online on platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Decluttr and more.

Rent your car and parking space

If you are not using your car and don’t intend to take a part-time job with Lyft or Uber, then you can easily make some money by renting out your car. You can find someone in your locality who needs a car or use car-sharing apps such as Getaround and Turo.

If you are not using your parking space and live in a busy area, then you can also make some quick money by renting it out. People are often on the lookout for a parking space that is near their place of work and costs less than parking fees.

Sell your photos

You can also make some money by selling your photos, provided they are good and creative. All you have to do is upload your snaps for free to stock websites such as Adobe Stock or Getty Images.

Get a cash-back credit card

There are plenty of credit cards that offer cash back on purchase in essential categories such as groceries and gas. You can easily get back 1% to 2% of what you spend. A few cards also offer bonuses to attract new users.

Bundle car and home insurance policies

Many insurance firms have already reduced their premiums to help customers amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, you can reduce your insurance costs even further. Bundling your car and home insurance policies could help you reduce your premiums by 15% to 20%. You can also lower the premium by raising your deductible.

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