Next coronavirus relief package: Why we may have a deal this week

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Talks over the next stimulus package ended abruptly last week. It was expected that talks would resume on Monday of this week, but nothing of that sort happened, except for individual comments from the lawmakers, including President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Let’s see where things stand on the next coronavirus relief package as of Monday.

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Trump slams Pelosi and Schumer

One of the first comments that came on Monday was from Trump. In a tweet, the President noted that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi want to make a deal on the next coronavirus relief package.

“So now Schumer and Pelosi want to meet to make a deal,” Trump said in a tweet. “Amazing how it all works, isn’t it.”

Further, Trump slammed the duo for blocking the deal by being the “hardliners” who wanted the bailout money for “Democrat run states and cities that are failing badly?”

Trump on Saturday signed four executive actions to provide interim relief to the Americans struggling amid coronavirus pandemic. The executive order included $400 per week in supplemental unemployment aid, suspends federal student loan payments, orders an eviction moratorium and a payroll tax cut.

On Monday, Schumer called Trump’s executive actions as “laughable,” adding that the administration has “no respect for the American people.”

Separately, Pelosi, over the weekend, called the president’s executive actions an “illusion” and an “unconstitutional slop.”

Next coronavirus relief package still possible

Mnuchin, on Monday, expressed the intention to resume talks for the coronavirus stimulus package. He added that the Trump administration is willing to offer more money so as to reach a deal.

“The president is determined to spend what we need to spend. … We’re prepared to put more money on the table,” Mnuchin told CNBC.

Mnuchin, however, did not say when he and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows would resume negotiations with Pelosi and Schumer. He did say that the Democratic negotiators seemed “willing to compromise” and that he hasn’t spoken to them since Friday.

Talking of when they may reach a deal on the next coronavirus relief package, Mnuchin said, “Again, if we can get a fair deal we’re willing to do it this week.”

There are chances of a deal this week if Republicans offer more money, something that Mnuchin agrees to. Previously, Democrats said that they are willing to make a compromise if the other side offers more money for the package.

Schumer reiterated the same thing on Monday. He said that they told the president and his negotiators last week to meet “in the middle.”

“We’ll cut a trillion. You raise a trillion. You know what they said? Absolutely not. I said to them, you mean it’s your way or the highway? And they said, yep,” Schumer said.

So, if the negotiators resume talks this week, there could be a deal around the $2 trillion mark. The HEROES Act proposes benefits worth about $3 trillion, while Republicans’ HEALS Act is offering over $1 trillion for the next coronavirus relief package.

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