Looking For The Next Massive Move? Check This Idea Out!

When something reaches record lows, it is usually a trainwreck. Yes, oil was there a few months ago, and proceeded to make the massive rally from -$40 to +$40 in short order. Commodity lows are very important and very different, as extreme lows don’t stay that way very long.

Extreme lows can be some of the most profitable trades.

Natural Gas

We are starting to see the return of driving activity to 90% of pre-COVID levels, suggesting demand is coming back, albeit with violent swings. All that puts upside towards oil and gas. While Natural Gas is not common for driving, it is a wonderful fuel source for cleaner power generation. As alternate fuel costs rise, this can move up aggressively. Notice some of the rallies off extreme lows.

On Friday, Natural Gas marked the lowest weekly close in 25 years. Yes, that includes back through the recent lows and lower than the 1998-1999 crush. The chart below shows how significant this low is.

In the zoom panel, we can see the price has already accelerated back above the horizontal resistance level in the first three days of this week. If we move to a closer chart of the last two years, we can see the chart has some promising features. The momentum indicator on the lower panel is making a higher low while price makes a lower low. This is what we call positive divergence.

This chart has so many of the setups I love to see in commodities. It looks spectacular.

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