Las Vegas Visitor Authority: No Convention Attendance, Visitor Traffic Down 70% YoY in June

From the Las Vegas Visitor Authority: June 2020 Las Vegas Visitor Statistics

With several gaming properties gradually re‐opening at varying capacities and on staggered dates after June 4, the destination hosted an estimated 1.1M visitors, roughly 30% of last June’s visitation. With continued mandated restrictions on group sizes, no measurable convention attendance occurred during the month.

Based on the destination’s room inventory of 95,396 rooms* (excluding temporary closures), total occupancy reached 40.9% for the month with weekend occupancy coming in at 51.8% and midweek occupancy of 36.5%.

* Reflects weighted average of daily room tallies of open properties, i.e., approx. 22k rooms on Jun 1, 2 & 3, increasing to roughly 90k rooms on June 4 and eventually reaching approx. 115k in the latter days of the month

Here is the data from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Las Vegas Click on graph for larger image.

The blue and red bars are monthly visitor traffic (left scale) for 2019 and 2020.   The dashed blue and orange lines are convention attendance (right scale). 

Convention traffic in June was down 100% compared to June 2019.

And visitor traffic was down 70% YoY.

The casinos started to reopen on June 4th, but visitor traffic is down significantly from last year.