“Is we getting” a new stimulus check? Google has the answers

Coronavirus stimulus check

Coronavirus Stimulus checks have been on the minds of many Americans, and now a couple of Google searches reveal just how much that is the case. Apparently, Google thinks people use bad grammar when searching for things, and a search for “is we getting” brings up a bunch of stimulus-related topics.

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Is we getting more Coronavirus stimulus checks?

If you type “is we getting” into the Google search bar, the first autofill answer is: “is we getting a new stimulus check.” Other autofill responses include “is we getting… more stimulus checks,” “hazard pay,” and “another stimulus check.”

Google’s service to bad grammar mirror the searches you get if you type “are we getting” instead of “is we getting.” Some of the autofill responses to “are we getting” include “are we getting a stimulus check,” “are we getting another stimulus check,” and “are we getting a second stimulus check.”

Coronavirus stimulus check

Finally, movement on stimulus negotiations

After seven meetings and more than 12 hours, the White House and top Democrats are finally starting to make progress on the stimulus package. Tuesday’s meeting between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and White House officials was the most productive of all the meetings that were held up to that point.

Schumer claimed both sides made some concessions and that the talk shad finally moved beyond identifying places where the two sides disagree or looking for areas of overlap. The White House and top Democratic leaders are now moving to actual proposals.

Although that seems like a very minor shift, it does mean Americans are another step closer to a second stimulus payment. Disagreement on other provisions for the stimulus package have been holding up that second round of payments, although it seems both Republicans and Democrats agree more are necessary.

Both sides have set Friday as the deadline for getting a deal done and moving forward on the next package.

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