IRS to correct missing/wrong coronavirus stimulus checks errors

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There were several issues with the first round of stimulus checks. Many, who were eligible didn’t get the stimulus checks, while some got less than what they were eligible for. The IRS, previously, said it wouldn’t adjust such coronavirus stimulus checks errors until next year. Now we know that the agency could address some missing and wrong coronavirus stimulus checks this year.

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IRS to adjust missing/wrong coronavirus stimulus checks

Initially, the IRS noted that Americans who got stimulus checks of the wrong amount would have to wait until 2021. Though that is still the case for most complaints, the agency has shown a commitment to fix missing or incomplete stimulus checks in some cases.

Previously, the IRS did not have in place the process to address missing and wrong coronavirus stimulus checks. The Taxpayer Advocate Service will now assist the IRS in fixing coronavirus stimulus checks errors in some scenarios starting from August 10. Also, the IRS will start to address missing and wrong coronavirus stimulus checks within the coming weeks.

Taxpayers who are eligible to get additional money will get it in the same form as they got their economic impact payment (EIP). However, those who got the payment through a debit card would get a paper check instead.

The specific guidelines to help people determine if they need to wait until next year, or get the payment soon and what actions they need to take, are expected to be released soon.

Scenarios that IRS will look into

For now, the IRS will address coronavirus stimulus checks errors in the following scenarios:

  • Individuals who do not usually file a tax return, and used the Non-Filer Tool to register for the stimulus check. For such people, the agency will correct the payment if they claimed at least one eligible dependent, but didn’t get the payment for it.
  • Those who filed Form 8379 for Injured Spouse Allocation, but did not get the payment yet. The agency will correct such payments as well.
  • If your check was based on your 2018 or 2019 tax return, but there was some mathematical error with the calculations that reduced the original amount of the EIP. In such cases, the agency would work with the taxpayer, and if found appropriate, it would issue an additional payment as well.
  • Eligible individuals who were the victim of identity theft and did not get the stimulus check, or got the payment of a lesser amount, will be sent the correct payment once their identity theft issue is resolved.
  • The IRS would also correct missing and wrong coronavirus stimulus checks for those who filed a joint return with a deceased or incarcerated spouse. In this case, the agency will recalculate the amount, and then issue the payment to the non-deceased/non-incarcerated spouse.

If you need any assistance, or have any questions, you can visit the Taxpayer Advocate Service Coronavirus Tax Updates webpage.

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