How I Pick Winning Trades Over the Weekend {VIDEO}

One of my latest weekend trades was a 20% winner. And today I’m going to be sharing you the details behind it. And while this particular trade is over, there are several teachable moments you can take from it, to prepare for the next trade.

Tune in to the video below to discover what made this setup so successful … And find out how to get alerted to my next weekend trade here

You’ll also discover…

  • Why I missed selling my position in premarket and how I determined when it was time to exit…
  • How to learn what days of the week, tickers, position size, and setups work best for YOU!
  • Why I’m excited about $945 in profits over the weekend while others laugh at my small gains…
  • How to adjust your expectations based on the overall market moves.

Watch the video below now! And don’t miss my next weekend trade alerts — get it here.

YouTube Video

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