How Are Investors Managing Their Portfolios Amidst Covid?

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Two experienced financial commentators, Nir Sadeh (Head of Private Banking at Butterfield Bank) and Giles Coghlan (Chief Currency Analyst at HYCM), discuss how UK investors are managing their portfolios during COVID-19, and the popularity of the UK markets.

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The UK has become a safe haven destination for investors. Here’s why

–  Nir Sadeh (Head of Private Banking, Butterfield Bank

Amidst the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19, wealth managers and investors are looking to markets and assets that are best positioned to protect their capital. One of the markets rapidly growing in popularity is the UK. This is despite ongoing complications surrounding the country’s withdrawal from the EU. Drawing from his own experiences, Nir will identify the reasons why the UK has become a popular investment destination when compared to other jurisdictions, and discuss whether is a short-term or long-term trend. In his article, Nir will also discuss the key trends that investors and wealth managers will be on the lookout for over the coming months as the global economy slowly transitions out of lockdown.

Which asset classes should investors be looking to add into their portfolios in the coming months?

– Giles Coghlan (Chief Currency Analyst at HYCM)

A recent poll of 900 UK investors by HYCM revealed that the majority of investors (78%) are looking to cash savings in the coming 12 months, while 43% have seen their portfolios decrease in value as a result of COVID-19. investors are clearly worried about what the future might hold and are subsequently retreating to cash savings to reduce their risk exposure in the short to medium-term. In his feature, Giles will assess the pros and cons of such a strategy, and identity high performing assets that investors and traders should be considering based on their recent performances. These assets will include currencies, as well as precious metals and stocks and shares. Finally, Giles will explain what investors and traders must always keep in mind when pursuing an investment strategy.

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