Dec 1st COVID Update: Deaths and Hospitalizations Increased

Mortgage RatesNote: Mortgage rates are from and are for top tier scenarios.

Due to changes at the CDC, weekly cases are no longer updated.
For deaths, I’m currently using 3 weeks ago for “now”, since the most recent two weeks will be revised significantly.
Hospitalizations have more almost tripled from a low of 5,150 in June 2023.
Hospitalizations are far below the peak of 150,000 in January 2022.

COVID Metrics
  Now Week
Hospitalized2🚩 15,290 14,127 ≤3,0001
Deaths per Week2🚩 1,190 1,143 ≤3501
1my goals to stop weekly posts,
2Weekly for Currently Hospitalized, and Deaths
🚩 Increasing number weekly for Hospitalized and Deaths

✅ Goal met.

COVID-19 Deaths per WeekClick on graph for larger image.

This graph shows the weekly (columns) number of deaths reported.

Weekly deaths have more than doubled from a low of 485 in early July but have declined recently.  Weekly deaths are far below the weekly peak of 26,000 in January 2021.

And here is a new graph I’m following on COVID in wastewater:

COVID-19 WastewaterNote the recent surge in the Midwest.

This appears to be a leading indicator for COVID hospitalizations and deaths.