Chopard’s Diamonds Are Forever

chopard happy diamonds

In the James Bond universe, it is a known fact that style and class is everything. It is also true that the books and movies are not shy of a little product placement, from Aston Martin to Gordon’s Gin, so it cannot come as a surprise to Bond fans that Chopard are the latest company to team up with the franchise, featuring in the 25th James Bond film – No Time To Die.

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chopard happy diamonds

In keeping with Chopard’s tendency to accessorise powerful and beautiful women the world over, the jewellery will be showcased by rising star Ana de Armas, who plays CIA agent Paloma. She can be spotted wearing the sparkling diamonds in the official trailer, which has already been released, for those who want to take a sneak peek before the film comes out officially in April.

Chopard And The Green Carpet Collection

The jewels on show in the movie are part of the Haute Joaillerie collection, in partnership with Chopard and Eco-Age’s Green Carpet Collection. This is one of Chopard’s many ventures into the world of sustainable luxury, a move that has seen the Maison lauded throughout the fashion industry and the world of environmental protection.

The Green Carpet Collection is part of Chopard & Caroline Scheufele Journey To Sustainable Luxury, which was launched in 2013 at the Cannes Film Festival and pinpointed a stunning turnaround of values and ethics for the luxury industry as a whole. Chopard plays a pioneering role in the jewellery industry, in the fight against unethical practices and environmental damage.

For the Green Carpet Challenge, the Geneva-based manufacturer joined forces with Livia Firth, the creative director of Eco-Age and the founder of the Green Carpet Challenge. The challenge aims to set an example and form a pivotal role in the promotion of ethics in fashion, proving that it is possible to have high fashion with a low cost to the environment.

No Time To Die

All of the jewellery pieces featured in No Time To Die are fully sourced, designed and manufactured to the highest GCC® benchmarking standards, boasting an altruistic approach to jewellery design that is still fully in-keeping with the Bond style. The design of the pieces even seem to represent The Journey itself, with interweaving coils and bold pear-cut diamonds bringing to mind the ongoing nature of the journey to ethical and respectful sourcing and manufacture.

The jewels worn by Ana de Armas are all derived entirely from sustainable and ethical sources, and the diamonds themselves are sustainably-mined, from suppliers accredited by the Responsible Jewellery Council.. The gold is in keeping with Chopard’s “100% ethical gold” promise, being entirely Fairmined-certified.

All three pieces selected for the movie were chosen to showcase the gorgeous pear-shaped diamonds that fit right into the glamour and sophistication of Bond’s world.

The Chopard bracelet is a standout item, boasting 82 carats of pear and brilliant-cut diamonds, dramatic in the extreme due to the size and clarity of the stones. The bracelet has a dangling design which, combined with these stones, sits on the wrist in a way that immediately draws the eye.

The earrings enjoy more simplicity – the fine hoops offering a combined carat weight of 14ct. Thanks to the pear-shaped diamonds these still pack a visual punch, but the earrings lack the weight of the bracelet in order to make them comfortable and playful, rather than solid and conspicuous.

Happy Hearts – Golden Hearts Collection

In partnership with No Time To Die, Chopard is releasing a collection that will allow fans to own their own little piece of 007 glam. The Happy Hearts – Golden Hearts collection includes earrings, bracelets, pendants and sautoir necklaces, featuring gold and diamond hearts, some of which feature a 007 logo. Every piece in the collection is made from ethical, Fairmined gold, and boasts the expert craftsmanship that consumers have come to expect from Chopard.

Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director, says that these pieces are a nod to the “determined and courageous” Bond women throughout the franchise’s history, including Ana de Armas herself.

For those interested in owning a piece of this limited collection, you’ll have to move quickly as there are only 7007 pieces of this jewellery available, a nod to Bond’s official MI6 spy number. The collection was launched on March 1.

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