Are You Ready For Another Short Squeeze Play?

I know the Gamestop (GME) craze has slowed down considerably, but short squeezes will always be in play. When a stock’s float has been heavily borrowed against and borrowed shares sold, those short sellers must buy those borrowed shares back at some point down the road. And when a stock breaks out with increasing volume, the pressure begins to mount as short sellers have unlimited risk to the upside. That’s what created those massive gains in GME in what I’ve termed the “mother of all short squeezes.”

We maintain a Short Squeeze ChartList (currently 66 heavily shorted stocks are on it) that our members can download (assuming they’re Extra or Pro members at into their account. If they’re not a member of, they can still view the charts in our ChartList. One of the stocks currently on this list is (PRTS), which closed at an all-time high on Monday. Volume has really been increasing the past 2-3 weeks and, now that PRTS is in “blue sky territory”, what will the shorts do? The short % of float is at 40.19% and that’s a very high number. Let’s look at the chart:

I can say this without hesitation. Looking at this chart, I would not want to be in a position where I have unlimited risk to the upside in PRTS – especially given what just transpired in GME, AMC, and other stocks. Given that PRTS is in the red-hot auto parts industry ($DJUSAT), don’t be surprised to see PRTS hit that accelerator pedal. Please be aware, however, that these types of stocks can carry tremendous volatility. Make sure that you understand the increased risks of trading volatile stocks before considering a position.

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Happy trading!