Are Market Participants Really Bearish Right Now? Nope

I have heard rumblings of market participants beginning to “feel” bearish about the market as it pulled back this past week. That information can not only be gleaned from business news channels, but can also be pulled from polling data. Below is the American Association of Individual Investors’ (AAII) poll. You can find the data or take the poll yourself at Granted, we only have about 35% of respondents bullish, but the interesting result is there are fewer and fewer bears. The poll is weekly and the current results are for last Wednesday (10/14).

Rydex Asset Analysis is different. This measures sentiment based on tracking actual assets in bear funds, money markets and bull funds. They come from a group of mutual funds that used to be offered by a company called Rydex; now Guggenheim manages them. It’s a “money where your mouth is” indicator. A look at the chart below says market participants are not getting bearish. Assets are growing in the bull funds and are steadily being pulled or lost from bear funds and money markets. Participants are clearly still bullish. Notice the Rydex Ratio is now very overbought. The chart is annotated with major market tops, so we can see that overbought conditions on the Rydex Ratio is very bearish.

Conclusion: Remember that sentiment is a contrarian indicator. When nearly all market participants, newspapers, magazines, news broadcasters, etc. are very bullish, that is when to expect a market reversal. Don’t miss Monday’s free DecisionPoint Trading Room! Information for registering and/or watching the recording from last Monday are below.

Technical Analysis is a windsock, not a crystal ball.

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– Erin

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