2020: The Total Collapse Of American Society

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To lend some context to what I am about to say in this piece, I would like to begin with a brief discussion of the world, specifically America, as we know it currently in August of 2020. We have been ‘flattening the curve’ of Coronavirus (COVID-19) through the 15 Days to Slow the Spread initiative for exactly 140 days as of today, and it will be 141 days tomorrow.

Deaths where I live were statistically insignificant for the last several weeks, and across the U.S. broadly, deaths are down dramatically and hospitals are no longer at risk of being overwhelmed. They haven’t been at risk for some time now.

To put this even more plainly, during this entire pandemic 158,000 people (per Google, 8/3/20) have died of COVID-19 (if you count motorcycle accident victims that tested positive post-mortem.) The CDC FastStats show that 650k people die of heart disease and 600k from cancer every year. In fact, more people die accidentally each year than have died thus far this year of COVID-19.

So somehow, even though there is minimal risk on the societal level to most of the U.S. population, the nationwide lockdowns have persisted for 140 days (and counting…)

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This has been disastrous for businesses across the country, but not just any businesses. Small businesses, Mom and Pop stores, restaurants, bars, you name it. Many have closed, and of those, the majority are closed for good.

Per recent data from Yelp, 55% of businesses that closed during COVID-19 lockdowns will not be reopening. This destruction of businesses built through honest living and hard work is impacting people in two major ways: one, they are increasingly relying on government assistance as 25% of households now do, and two, they are turning to the satisfaction of vice, such as OnlyFans, to make money.

Recent data from the rapidly exploding amateur pornography site OnlyFans indicates that almost half a million people made OnlyFans accounts between March and June of this year during the lockdowns. Predatory nature of pornography aside, these are just two indicators that show there are millions of people hurting economically and spiritually, and they’ll do anything to try to survive.

As with all things, there are winners and losers, and there have most certainly been winners to offset the 45.7M+ so-called losers that filed for unemployment, and that would be the billionaires running our e-commerce and finance industries. A recent paper from the Institute for Policy Studies titled Billionaire Bonanza 2020 details just how fruitful the first half of this year has been for the ultra-rich in America.

There are two highlights specifically that speak volumes and I’ll quote them directly: “Between March 18 and April 10, 2020, over 22 million people lost their jobs as the unemployment rate surged toward 15 percent. Over the same three weeks, U.S. billionaire wealth increased by $282 billion, an almost 10 percent gain.”

This is especially true for the very richest Americans. As of April 15, Jeff Bezos’s fortune had increased by an estimated $25 billion since January 1, 2020. This unprecedented wealth surge is larger than the Gross Domestic Product of Honduras, $23.9 billion in 2018.” This report goes on and on with absolutely egregious examples of wealth inequality, but the point is simple. The Billionaire Globalists have profited off of the demise of the middle class American, and they are continuing to do so. We cannot allow individuals to have more wealth than whole nations and expect there to be a good outcome.

The Day I Hit My Limit

I try to keep the personal affectations to a minimum in my writing, but as I drove home from the Apple Store today, I was seething. My phone broke yesterday, exactly 2 months after I had purchased my older-model iPhone, the XR. The phone told me the SIM Card was broken. I took two hours off at my job this afternoon and drove to the AT&T store (it closes at 5 PM now due to COVID.)

After I get there and wait in line outside, with my worthless mask on, as I was instructed to by the two security guards at the door, I was allowed in to discuss (with the young girl that sold me the phone, coincidentally) what went wrong. I told her the SIM card was broken, she replaced it, and I walked out. And I get to my car and once more my phone alerts me to the problem. I once again repeat the waiting process, only to be told to go to the Apple Store to do a same-day swap out, as AT&T couldn’t get me a new (refurbished) phone for at least a week.

It is important to note that the only reason I am so worked up over my phone being broken is that I am waiting on a call back from a recruiter that is working on getting me a phone screening for a job I’ve been trying to get. At my current employer, my long-promised $8,000 market adjustment, which per HR guidelines I was due more than a year ago, has been put on hold due to COVID-19 uncertainties.

This job offer I’m chasing is at a higher title and $20,000 more than what I make currently, so suffice to say it would be life changing for me. That money would be put to good use servicing the $80,000 of debt that I have outstanding between my $65,000 in student loans I took to get my Business degree, plus accumulated credit cards that I racked up during a 2 year heroin addiction in college (thank you President Trump for trying to stop the flood of Fentanyl.) Hopefully after I pay it all off I’ll finally be able to buy a house and start a family, as I desperately want to do.

Speaking of uncertainties, I had a pleasant conversation with my boss this morning as I asked for the time off to go fix my phone as to what new Mercedes SUV he should get. He wasn’t really liking the Audi he’s had for the last 18 months and wanted an upgrade to go with the promotion he got earlier this year.

At long last after a 45 minute drive I get to the nearest Apple Store, located in a large shopping mall. I dutifully put on my mask and enter the mall only to be bewildered at the sight I see upon walking through the doors: there is a Rent-A-Cop being yelled at by two maskless African American women, and as he walks away, they walk into a discount clothing store with their 3 children. Did they not see the sign on the doors, or did they just not care?

As someone who doesn’t believe in these senseless masks, I’m tempted to remove it myself, but I’m on a mission, and having been kicked out of multiple stores myself for not wearing one, I play it safe. Double standards anyone?

In a hurry to get my phone repaired, I make my way to the Apple Store and I’m directed to wait in a line across from the actual store for “Check-In”. I wait for about 15 minutes and I’m approached by the Apple employee stationed there. He stops about 10 feet away from me and loudly says “Hi, what do you need today?” and I alert him to my issue. As he clicks on his tablet for a minute, he kindly asks if I’d like to make an appointment. I tell him I’d like to get the phone swapped today, and he responds nonchalantly with “unfortunately we won’t be able to help you today, but I can make an appointment for tomorrow or perhaps later in the week?”. I walked off.

COVID-19: The American Melting Pot Boils Over

The point I am making here with my own account is that I am an example of a typical American who feels completely stuck and removed from the system. My own economic future has been impacted by COVID, I’ve had to rely on the e-commerce system as my local stores have closed, and in doing so have made them richer. Furthermore, the Globalist financial system has us enslaved by debt and when I try to maintain the life and property I do have, we encounter a selective enforcement of rules. There was a large protest in my city recently in which the Chief of Police kneeled with protestors.

I am still unable to attend Church due to capacity restrictions. My life has been turned upside down. But it is not my own life that I am concerned with, I know that I still have a job (for now) and I have some savings in the bank to pay my bills for the time being. What I worry for is those 45.7M unemployed people I mentioned previously.

COVID Policies Crush American Society

They are completely out of luck, and it is for their sake that I am writing this. As mentioned before, many of those jobs will not be coming back. If I feel the way I do, how do these millions of people feel? What actions do they have left to take? What losses do they have left to incur? And what future is there for them?

America in the year 2020 has become the Nation of COVID, Anarcho-Tyranny, and Globalism. In fact, we are not a Nation at all. Our borders are open wide, allowing millions of Legal and Illegal immigrants to come here and take jobs or government assistance. It is not difficult to understand that this massive inflow of immigration through both channels has a negative impact on both the availability of jobs for American Citizens and the wages that those jobs pay.

On top of that, our birthrates are through the floor at 32-year lows, marriage rates are at an 118-year low, and wealth and income inequality are rapidly rising. Riots are burning down cities across the country, police are assaulted physically by rioters and legally by municipal authorities. For the few rioters that are arrested, they have their charges dropped.

Is this what we are to believe is a successful Nation? Is this even the same country as the one I was born in? A land in which the people can come together and rejoice in unity of cause and spirit? I think not. This “Nation” has become a joke. We are in Weimar America, where kids are encouraged to wear drag and 18 year old girls make OnlyFans accounts while they’re still in high school.


Needless to say, I fear for the future of this country. For a time I was optimistic about the possibility of a great mending via social awakening and voting trends. That time has come and gone. Is the only hope a strongman’s appearance? As the Bronze Age Pervert lays out in his hit book.

The only way out of this mess is through it, and the time has come for us to reforge the American Nation under the ideals of America First. We must take actions for the benefit of our people and our citizens first and foremost, to forsake the predatory Globalist systems that have damned me and millions of people like me to an eternity of usurious debt slavery and economic immobility. As Tucker Carlson puts it best, if the system prevents my children (or in this case, myself) from having children, I’m happy to burn it down and blow it up.

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